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DAL | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jun 4 2014 7:17 PM

Logos was promoting this one volume commentary on my home page today and I went ahead and bought it since the price is virtually the same elsewhere.  I have to say that it's a nice commentary for devotional readings and picking up ideas for sermon prep.  I'm reading James and I went ahead and read the comments on the first 2 chapters and it was well written for a one volume commentary.  I also checked out the comments on one of the beatitudes and it was very practical.  Whether you agree with all the comments or not, this one volume commentary should be a part of everybody's library.  Here's a sample on one of the beatitudes - simple and to the point:

5:3 The poor in spirit

The term poor in spirit has its roots in material poverty (5:3a).  Someone who is poor has no influence, power or prestige. Then, as now, they were often taken advantage of and exploited. This state of helplessness and destitution can and does lead to a deep dependence upon God (Luke 6:20). In many African cities today people use the expression ‘by the grace of God’ to explain how it is they survive when they live on far less than the one dollar a day designated by the United Nations as the absolute minimum for survival.
Those who are ‘poor in spirit’ are thus those who have realized their own utter helplessness on account of sin in their life, and who acknowledge their complete dependence upon God not just for spiritual needs but also for material needs. Such a person develops a certain detachment from material things and an attachment to God. The Westerner needs to learn detachment from material things, but most Africans need to learn detachment from spirits in order to develop a healthy trust and attachment to the one true spirit, the Holy Spirit! Those who have this attribute are God’s people: theirs is the kingdom of heaven (5:3b). Or the verse may be saying that such people are to be found in the kingdom of heaven. In that kingdom, there can be no competing interests. Those who belong to it have learned the secret of utter dependence on God leading to complete obedience to his will.

Adeyemo, T. (2006). Africa Bible commentary (p. 1144). Nairobi, Kenya; Grand Rapids, MI: WordAlive Publishers; Zondervan.

I'm still waiting for Logos to make Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible available.  I have read great reviews on it.  I would also like the Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary sold separately.  If they came out today, I would purchase them in a heart beat!


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