Bug- in Scripture tagging

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Kenneth Neighoff | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jul 22 2014 2:08 PM

I am sitting in a hospital room with my wife, she had knee surgery. I need someone to report this bug using the typo feature.  I'm on my IPad and cannot do this.  In Stott's the message to the Romans, pg. 257-258 one finds, "Those of us who have never had to suffer physically for Christ should perhaps read verses 35–39 alongside verses 35–39 of Hebrews 11, which list unnamed people of faith who were tortured, jeered at, flogged, chained, stoned, and even sawn in half. Faced with such heroism, there is no place for glibness or complacency.."

The bug in the above sentence has both references 35-39 as Romansm while the second should be from Hebrews 11 as the context of the sentence makes clear.

thanks for your help.

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