Bug in 5.3 Beta 1 - Minor Display rendering problems after switching layouts

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Fr Devin Roza | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Sep 4 2014 2:38 AM

It is common in 5.3 Beta 1 that when I switch layouts there are slight rendering problems at the top of the screen. For example, notice here the text above the Home-Library-Search panel buttons on the left:

To fix this problem, the only thing I need to do is activate in Windows some other window that isn't Verbum. Then the screen immediately fixes the rendering problems.

These problems also occur with the "Close All" command.

Interestingly, if I update the Layout in 5.3 Beta 1, these rendering problems stop occurring.7455.Verbum Log Files.zip

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I can reproduce this and have filed a bug.

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This will be fixed in Beta 2.

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