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Bradley Grainger (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jan 5 2010 11:20 PM | Locked


Important Information

IMPORTANT: Logos 4 Beta releases are beta software. They may corrupt your computer or delete your data. The Passage Guide, searching, or viewing books may stop working. We recommend installing Logos 4 betas  only on a dedicated testing machine.

A Logos 4 beta release cannot be installed side-by-side with another version of Logos 4; it will replace your existing installation. (However, since Logos 4 uses a per-user installation, you can create a new Windows user account on your computer and install the Logos 4 Beta under that account for testing.)

Logos 4 Betas cannot be downgraded to a stable release. You will need to uninstall, delete all Logos4 folders, then reinstall the stable release if you no longer wish to run a Logos 4 Beta.

Do not share resources or Data folders between the stable Logos 4 and the Logos 4 Beta release; the format of data files and (some) resources in Logos 4 Beta may have changed, making them unreadable by Logos 4.

Some documents in Logos 4 Beta have changed their internal formats since the release of Logos 4; these documents will not be synced to your Logos 4 installation. The new types of documents that will be added to Logos 4 Beta will also not be synced. However, existing document types that haven’t changed their internal formats will continue to sync between Logos 4 and Logos 4 Beta.


If you don’t have a separate computer for testing, consider creating a new Windows user account for beta testing. Install the beta under that account, keeping the stable version on your regular Windows account. You can still log in with the same logos.com email and password to share your licenses and settings between the two accounts. You should not share Resources folders, as Logos 4 Beta may download resources that can only be read by the beta, which would corrupt your Logos 4 installation.

How to Join the Beta

Run the beta installer here: http://downloads.logos.com/LBS4/InstallerBeta/Logos4Setup.exe

To perpetually participate in all beta programmes, enter "set update channel to beta" in the command box.


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