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Dudley C Rose | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Sep 20 2014 10:31 AM

This has been mentioned before, but both posts began several years ago. Jacob Neusner's translation of the Tosefta would be a great addition to his Mishna and Talmuds. In doing work in the Neusner's Babylonian Talmud in Logos I noticed that references to the Tosefta are already tagged, which makes me think Logos (Faithlife) has planned to publish it at some point. Hendrickson has released the print edition in paperback this year, so at least it's available that way.

The value of the Tosefta is that it is the first commentary (early third century) on the Mishna, and is quoted frequently (with similar authority to the Mishna) in the Talmud. For example, the famous story of the four rabbis who enter Pardes found in BT Hagigah 14b is quoted from the Tosefta.

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