I switch the operation system, what should I do?

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Weiqing Lin | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Oct 8 2014 7:00 AM

I installed logos 5 in Win 7, then I installed Win 8 besides to the Win 7(not upgrade, but dual system). And I found I don't need to reinstall logos 5 in my win 8, I can use logos in win 8. But now I am not allowed to use it after I upgrade to the latest version in win 8 (I upgraded it both in win7 and win 8). It tells me that an upgrade is required.

What should I do for that? I use Win 8 more often than win 7. Do i need to uninstall logos in win7 and then reinstall it in win 8? It seems that I could not install in win 8 unless i uninstal it.

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TCBlack | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Oct 8 2014 7:11 AM

It sounds like you are running a dual boot system. Under normal circumstance you should not be able to run any program from both operating systems (they should be isolated from each other.)

Therefore, it also sounds like you installed Logos 5 (L5) in a hard drive partition that can be accessed also from Windows 8.

My suggestion would be to have a separate install for each Operating System. Or limit to one install that for only the OS you are going to use more often.  

I do not have access to Windows 8 to test this, but can you go into the Add/Remove programs applet in the control panel, Locate logos and REPAIR the installation from there?

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Weiqing Lin | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Oct 8 2014 7:34 AM

ok. I see, I will try. Thank you for your reply.

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