Concern about future upgrades

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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Dec 10 2014 9:28 PM

George Somsel:

Patrick S.:
For example we have situations like with Amazon where a book title that people had purchased - that is, paid money for - was, unilaterally and without notice, removed from Amazon customers' private and personal devices.

I remember that incident though I wasn't directly affected by it.  I contacted Amazon at the time and found that whoever uploaded the resource to Amazon Kindle did not have the right to do so.  I understand that those affected were compensated.  I hardly think any such thing is likely to occur with Logos.

Logos/Faithlife has historically been very good about letting users keep every resource they've ever bought, even when Logos/Faithlife loses the rights to sell it. There are resource still in use by many users that were acquired in Logos 2 or prior, which are no longer available on the Logos website and haven't been for years. I have the Oxford Bible Commentary, for example, which was for Logos 2 and hasn't been sold since. Faithlife has continued to keep the resource files available on their servers for those of us who own the license so we can continue with it on new installations of Logos. They even updated it to a .logos4 file when the file format changed. But for whatever reason, they lost the contract to be able to sell new copies of it, so they don't. I trust that as long as Faithlife is in business, this will be the case with all of our resources. We do actually own them, we are not renting them.

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