TIP: Remember you can Re-Write the Logos Help Window

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Denise | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Nov 30 2014 4:25 PM

Probably for most, this is a yawner.  And maybe this is even a re-reminder from a previous tip?

But I'm the type that needs to highlight, draw important arrows, etc to training material, to get it in my brain. I also like to break it into tabbed chunks by area.

So, it's quite easy.  Just highlight the whole Help panel text (dragging your mouse; takes a while), use the keyboard to do a copy, and then paste it directly into a Word doc (keeps the formatting pretty good).

Next, just make a Personal Book.  459 error warnings, but who cares? Works great!

Why, oh why would anyone want to do this?

- You can highlight key sections using all your nifty highlighters.  Make notes. Anything a Logos resource can do, you can do with your own Help resource.

- Right-click a word for a full right-click menu of 'the power of Logos'!!  Can't do that in the Help panel.  It just sits there.

- Take advantage of Logos' regular 'Search' (Basic).  This comes in handy when you're searching on another subject, it also pops up the Logos Help text (e.g. lemma).

- Re-design the subject groups in Word.  Or re-build the headers so they show up in the TOC.

- Add your own notes directly in Word.  This is ESPECIALLY useful for syntax searches, etc.  Even copy some wiki stuff in.

- Dump the sections into your MindMap (my favorite)

- And lastly, copy the doc to your iPad where you can catch up on hard to remember features in Logos in your spare time  (Steve also did a doc on the wiki a while back)

Downside to any 'adjustments'?  Obviously, they update the Help panel.  So you're notes will disappear in your next version (I just add for new features).


Plus, a couple of not-so-obvious uses of the Logos Help panel:

- You can drag the tab over to your favorites, and it remembers the place in the help file. Rename the favorite to remember it.  Of course this is SOP for all tab-drags.

- You can use the in-text search (cntrl-F for windows), in addition to the official 'search' that it does.  Sometimes you just want to slide down a specific section; not a massive dump.

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Cynthia Tucker | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Dec 1 2014 1:27 PM

Very helpful. Thanks! Big Smile

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