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  • Script to Create Notes From Templates (Logos 5)

    Good Day, I'm Pieter, a pastor from South-Africa. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. I created a small "hta" application (Windows) to create Notes in Logos 5 using lbxnot Files as Templates. Just extract the zip file and read the readme.txt file. Be adviced that your MyDocuments\Libronix...
    Posted to General by Pieter Kotze on Fri, Mar 21 2014
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  • Re: Microsoft Surface

    Joshua, I suggest you may want to move on from the Surface Pro and look at other options. While it may convince you it's worth, it's not worth spending too much time regretting and thinking about it. The stylus is brilliant and underlines very well. I can underline with the stylus, then use my finger...
    Posted to Windows Store Apps by Vincent Xavier Shaw on Tue, Apr 16 2013
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