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  • Luke 23 is missing verse 17

    Please check/fix:
    Posted to API by Mikala Streeter on Tue, Apr 15 2014
    Filed under: luke23, glitch, bug
  • Logos 5 gold crashing periodically crashing on iMac

    Just purchaced logos 5 gold on my new iMac and it has already crashed 4 to 5 times with in 24 hours. Here is a log report. Thank you and i hope to get this resolved. 7357.LogosError.log
    Posted to Logos 5 by Brendan Stolis on Sun, Apr 13 2014
    Filed under: bug
  • Verse copy selection bug (or feature?)

    I'm using Logos 5.2a on a Mac, running Mavericks (10.9.2). I've only used Logos for a few weeks, so it's certainly possible that I'm missing something obvious. I want to copy Matthew 20:20-21, so I click in verse 21 and drag up into verse 20. Both verses are then completely highlighted. BUT, so is the...
    Posted to Logos 5 by Gregory Lawhorn on Tue, Apr 1 2014
    Filed under: bug, select text, Copy Bible Verses
  • Proclaim freezes during video playback when user navigates away from proclaim

    If a user clicks onto any other software or window (we are using Windows 7) while a video is playing during a live presentation, the software interface freezes (the video continues to play until it completes). If the sotware inferface is minimized it will not maximize again. The only solution is to shut...
    Posted to Proclaim - Church Presentation Software by Nate Cress on Thu, Mar 27 2014
    Filed under: Proclaim, bug, Video, windows, proclaim bug, projection, Proclaim keeps crashing, support, proclaim software, proclaim crashing, restart, Windows 7 Pro, video problems, program, Proclaim Crashes
  • BUG: Incorrect Rendering of Hindi Font

    I have been formatting a new Urdu Devanagari (Hindi script) translation of the Bible for Logos. I have tried several Hindi fonts. All of them look fine in Logos, except for one element. A certain Hindi vowel marking isn't rendering correctly in Logos. This only happens when the vowel comes at the end...
    Posted to Logos 5 by Debtor Paul on Mon, Mar 17 2014
    Filed under: bug, bug report, Font, hindi, foreign language
  • Re: After each update, I get a blank icon on my taskbar

    I have this same problem - found your post while searching for a solution. Is there a place to report this as a bug? I have to delete my pin and re-pin it every time Logos updates, which is frustrating.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Noah Jefferson on Mon, Sep 30 2013
    Filed under: bug, Logos 5, Windows 8