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  • Apologetics Summary

    Which resource has the best, brief summary of apologetic arguments? I am looking for a paragraph to 1-2 pages on each major argument -- e.g., ontological, teleological, etc. I'd like those concise summaries for a course I am teaching. Thank you!! Joel J.
    Posted to General by Joel J. on Tue, Mar 18 2014
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  • Re: Downloading all library to Android - possible?

    Hi, my name is Stephen, I have an Android phone, I use it 'wifi' canna afford the tariffs. I have tried in vain to download books so that they're available off-line. How do I download my Library? 'Silver' I did have one book that gave me the choice, some allow for download, I have check see if will allow...
    Posted to Android by Stephen on Mon, Dec 12 2011
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