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Rev. Martin has work with the homeless, prisoners, ex-prisoners, those with addictions and their families for the last 29 yrs. He is the founder of Chief Cornerstone Ministries, Free-Bird's Ex-prisoner & Homeless Re-entry Spiritual Support Ministries under the direction and as an Outreach ministries for Joy Christian Center, Healing the Hearts Ministries. Rev. Martin over 6 yrs ago in, response to the growing homeless problem here in Alaska due to lack of livable wage jobs and affordable housing, opened his own home as a Temporary Winter Homeless Shelter and all yr. Ex-prisoner Re-entry Shelter. Last Oct. 2010, Rev. Martin was seeking the Lord about what he could do, if anything, about this growing problem of homelessness, especially when it came to ex-prisoners who are released without and support network. They are told by probation officers to “find a job, place to live, stay away from other ex-cons, and stay out of trouble.” The problem for a homeless ex-con is, he cannot find a job that pays a living wage so therefore, he cannot afford an apartment because of no job but worse yet, finding an affordable apartment for an ex-con is almost impossible do to the fact that very few people will rent to a known homeless person/family or an ex-con. He had realized many yrs before that one of the biggest obstacles to solving the homeless problem and reaching those who are hurting, helped captive, blinded by this world for Christ is the lack Christian believers,