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Computer Professional since 1985. Developer/Programmer (MSCD 2000), also do a small bit of System Building (especially my own comps) Currently disabled. Use computer even more intensively. Accessability added. I LOVE GOD!! & All He loves as well. At least I try very hard to. I have really been around the block spiritually. Talk to me sometime. I used to be a Mormon (Temple marriage et al) Ran from God as well, for a good long time. Now I have had my miracle and epiphany. Can't change that sure knowledge, I cherish my "one-on-one" relationship with God. I see this world and reality so much more clearer. It even relaxes me sometimes, just knowing where I am headed. Oh!! I do have my upsets and down turns, but, I recover so quickly and I can always see the light at the end, just in time. I live in AZ. Go to Maranatha Bible Church. I am politically active, especially now a days. I consider myself a fiscal Conservative, Constitutional, Patriotic American. I sorely dislike and form of tyranny and Marxism. Only one president is really disliked by me, Woodrow Wilson. We who are righteous, must stand, or we lose it all to the evil one. What must our fore fathers think of us now?