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  • Re: How do I speed up Logos 5

    Thanks Allen. It's been so long since I done that I totally forgot plus with one eyeball opened in the middle of the night, it was that much more difficult to figure it out. :-)
    Posted to Logos 5 by Bootjack on Today
  • Re: How do I speed up Logos 5

    On the Tools menu, choose Settings. The first setting is labelled At Startup Open to . In the Drop-down box beside this, choose "Blank Layout".
    Posted to Logos 5 by Allen Browne on Today
  • Re: How do I speed up Logos 5

    Under Settings, change the preference to a Blank layout. Super! But why am I not seeing "blank layout" under Settings?
    Posted to Logos 5 by Bootjack on Yesterday
  • Re: How do I speed up Logos 5

    Thanks for the tip everyone! Setting the startup to blank did help a little bit.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Patrick Lacson on Yesterday
  • Re: Macbook Pro 4 Logos .. Question?

    [quote user="Lee Garrison"] I am thinking i5 with 16gb ram, 512gb SSD w/Retina, or i7 with 8gb, and 512gb ssd w/retina both 13". Is it better to have more ram or the faster cpu? [/quote] Refurbished Oct 2013 Retina 13.3" with 2.6 GHz i5-4288U, 16 GB Ram, 512 GB SSD is $ 1,599 =>
    Posted to General by Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) on Sat, Aug 30 2014
  • Re: 5.3 Beta 1 ( available

    On my retina MBP, Huge speed improvement when changing layouts. After a brief pause, the whole screen refreshes at once, with the new layout fully loaded. Resources loading also seems to be many times faster. Overall the UI is much more responsive. That maddening issue where you must pause and wait for the lookup suggestions to load before you press...
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Martin Diers on Sat, Aug 30 2014
  • Re: Using Bible Software most efficiently - Logos vs Verbum

    I am very grateful for the detailed and courteous replies and apologize for seeking further information and clarifications. Unfortunately I lack skills with hardware (laptops and iPads), and also with software (Logos and Verbum). But now thanks to courteous, comprehensive, expert and patient replies I feel more confident in going back to my Bible studies...
    Posted to General by Noel Fitzpatrick on Sat, Aug 30 2014
  • Re: Macbook Pro 4 Logos .. Question?

    if you are using it mostly for Logos, 8GB of Ram (even with Logos 64bit) would be sufficient now. However, Logos has a history of heavy hardware demands, and it is anybody's guess what the demands be in 3-5 years. i7 is generally better than i5 and quad-core is better (if run at the same clock speed) than dual-core in multitasking environments. 500GB...
    Posted to General by toughski on Sat, Aug 30 2014
  • Re: Logos has overtaken Accordance for good

    The search speed depends on the computer. I use a computer intended for 3D CAD, which is an overkill for any Bible software. A search with 3444 resources took 3 seconds and indexing normally takes some minutes. The 30" screen allows to see more parallel resources than I need. Thus instead of buying another software one can consider purchasing a faster...
    Posted to General by Veli Voipio on Fri, Aug 29 2014
  • Re: Macbook Pro 4 Logos .. Question?

    I have used logos on a number of machines. My main machine is i7 16gb but logos performs very well on a standard macbook air. I don't think you will get much speed boost for logos from machines faster than that because it is already so performant. Just my thoughts... John
    Posted to General by John Goodman on Fri, Aug 29 2014
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