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  • Re: Help with a Topic search please.

    Additional comment to my last post... Actually having both of these options topic: word and word is a good thing....that way you can zero in on actual topics when you want, and search more "peripheral" mentions of the word if you want to....
    Posted to Logos 4 by Robert Pavich on Sun, Dec 13 2009
  • Re: Help with a Topic search please.

    OK, here's my understanding, pieceing together Sean's posts and the various user requests. Logos 3 did not have a true concept of topics. Confusingly, however, we all thought it did and you could search for topic(searchterm). In Logos 3 searching for topic(searchterm) actually searched the headings of Logos resources, and therefore worked quite well...
    Posted to Logos 4 by Mark Barnes on Sun, Dec 13 2009
  • Re: Topic Search in Original Language

    [quote user="Denise"]On OL, the closest you're going to come to a match to Libronix Topics is to probably search headers, titles and 'large text' (else thousands of results). [/quote] Seems Heading Text; Large Text; Title have more search results. Also found some articles for an inflected word: Searching for translated topic can find more results. Keep...
    Posted to Logos 5 by Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) on Sat, May 31 2014
  • Re: Logos 4 Topic Search

    [quote user="Joel J."] Any idea of why it is ignoring some resources? I assume there is some way to add books to the "topic search" tab.[/quote] See [quote user="Joel J."]For instance, "ascension" only pulls up 4 books, but ignores some quality resources like the New Dictionary of Theology....
    Posted to Logos 4 by Dave Hooton on Fri, Apr 30 2010
  • What's the point of a "topic" search?

    I was doing a search for " Socrates Scholasticus" and Logos 6 volunteers - Socrates Scholasticus (Church historian) - as a topic search. When I selected it, the following appeared in the search bar - for which there appeared a grand total of 0 results. So I go back to my original search for " Socrates Scholasticus" and I have 34 results in 31 articles...
    Posted to Logos 6 by Rod Bergen on Thu, Jan 22 2015
  • SUGGESTION: option to search from Topic Guide

    I tried to run a Topic Guide on "hemerobaptists" which is not an available topic nor something I type quickly without thinking how it is spelled. It would be useful if, when the Topic Guide doesn't recognize a word, it would behave like the Go box and offer me a Search. As it works now I have at a minimum to bring up a Search and reenter my word. This...
    Posted to Suggestions by MJ. Smith on Mon, Aug 11 2014
  • Re: Clause Search or Topic Search or ?

    Hi Stein [quote user="Stein Dahl"] Hello all, I have a question: Using Logos 5 - how would you do a search - using the Clause Search or the Topics Search or any other type of search . . . - such that it would give you every result for "In Christ" or "in Him" or "in Jesus" - or any other ways that this idea of being "in Christ" - is expressed in scripture...
    Posted to Logos 5 by Graham Criddle on Sun, Nov 4 2012
  • Search General Topics

    I am a new user to Logos. It seems each topic I try to search either has hundreds of hits or none at all. I am looking for information concerning "one's appointed time to die" in order to share with a friend that God is omniscient. My LOGOS version is 4. thanks
    Posted to General by Steve Chapman on Thu, May 27 2010
  • Journal not showing up in Topic Guide search

    I am using the topic guide, but I know I have a journal that deals with that topic. I do not have time to tag every topic I want to see in the search. Is there a way I can tag a specific journal for topic guide to pull from and display each time I search?
    Posted to General by Joseph Schmidt on Wed, Jan 13 2021
  • Re: Help with a Topic search please.

    [quote user="Mark Barnes"] Sorry to rain on the party, but they're not listening (or at least they might be listening, but haven't done anything). So bible:Simeon returns a 'topic' search too, as does not-a-search-term:Simeon [/quote] Mark, There seems to be a miscommunication.... Quoting Sean above: We're going through Bible dictionaries and similar...
    Posted to Logos 4 by Robert Pavich on Sun, Dec 13 2009
  • Re: Is this an inconsistency of Topic Search?

    You have to use the input Spiritual Gifts , however, to get topic results from Everything. Topic Guide & Factbook also use that format, but will produce results if you type and then select the topic. Everything search behaves badly/unexpectedly when you input and make a selection.
    Posted to Logos 6 by Dave Hooton on Thu, Jul 7 2016
  • topic search - does it only work for certain books

    When doing a basic search, I notice that some books will show up under the Topic section of the results. However others do not. For example: Who's Who in Christianity does not show up in the Topic section. Search for any of the topics... e.g. Justin Martyr Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a different way to search so they show up in the Topic...
    Posted to Logos 4 by Mike Measley on Sat, Feb 20 2010
  • Help with a Topic search please.

    Hi, I've just done a basic topic search for 'Simeon' having clicked the magnifying glass icon to start a search. I've also configured it to search my entire library. Yes, I get loads of search results, but in the top Topic Section I only have the one highlighted dictionary (The New Bible Dictionary), BUT I have many dictionaries with 'Simeon sections...
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen Thorp on Sat, Dec 12 2009
  • Re: Help with a Topic search please.

    Did you notice? Now, when you do this search: topic: simeon You get only topics from your bible dictionaries and not all of the "surface text" hits? THIS: VS THIS:
    Posted to Logos 4 by Robert Pavich on Sun, Dec 13 2009
  • Re: Sermon Manager - Topic List/Search

    [quote user="Paul"]When I add topics, I get the terms Stress as well as Anxiety but not Worry. If I looked at this passage again in 3-4 years, I'm not smart enough to think through all the alternatives to worry when worry is so prevalent in the text.[/quote] Fortunately, for most purposes, you won't have to think through all the alternatives to Worry...
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by SineNomine on Wed, Apr 28 2021
  • Re: Topic search is wrong

    [quote user="Andrew Batishko (Faithlife)"]A topic search can bring back results if you turn on the "Match equivalent references" option in the panel menu.[/quote] This was turned on in the original search. While I could check that after you mentioned it, I don't understand it and don't really understand anything you said. It's not a complaint at all...
    Posted to Logos 6 by Jim on Fri, Mar 10 2017
  • Search for

    Hi, I wanted to quickly look for the reference of the story with Moses and the burning bush. I started a Bible search. When I started writing Burning Bush, I got the suggestion <Topic Burning Bush>, which I selected. However, it gave no results. Then I did a "Search All Text in All Resources" and again searched for <Topic Burning Bush>,...
    Posted to Logos 7 by Armin on Mon, May 29 2017
  • Re: Topic Hell Search comes up 0?

    [quote user="Gao Lu"] Try (Capital "H") Try the Factbook or Topic Guide [/quote] Key Passages for Hell in Factbook can be found by searching for More senses to search: , , , , Another Search inspired from Factbook: OR {Section } OR Keep Smiling
    Posted to General by Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) on Wed, Mar 16 2016
  • Topic search - how do you do it in Logos 4?

    I've tried in vain to find instructions on how to do a topic search. For example, if I search "baptism" I get three hits under Topic and "look it up," but they do not include my Nelsons' Bible Dictionary, which is a favorite. So... a. How do I do a more exhaustive topic search b. How can I control what resources appear in the "Look it up" list of topic...
    Posted to Logos 4 by Aaron Blumer on Sun, Feb 14 2010
  • Re: Topic Search in Original Language

    [quote user="Roger Skepple"]Can someone give me a hand?[/quote] No. Topics are controlled/curated by Logos and are in English (and perhaps other user interface languages) not in the Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic. The Bible Sense Lexicon depicts original languages word by sense (topic) which is closer to what you want but you cannot search a collection through...
    Posted to Logos 5 by MJ. Smith on Thu, May 29 2014
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