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  • Using your own Bible Version

    We would love to add something like this to our website. Since we use the original (transliterated) Sacred Names for the Father and Son, we'd want to use our own version or at the least something like the Rotherham's Emphasized Bible or even the New Jew Jerusalem Bible versions that use the proper noun Yahweh. If we were able to use our own version
    Posted to RefTagger by David Brett on Wed, Sep 22 2010
  • Re: Installing Word Biblical Commentary on Logos 4

    Just tried to install WBC for Logos 4, since I already deleted 3 completely off the computer. But, I see that I might need to load it back in? I tried the custom install, to file only, and then started Logos 4 thinking that would do it. But it didn't. Any ideas? This really should be posted, if there are instructions. ....Thanks ahead of time.
    Posted to Logos 4 by David Brett on Wed, Dec 23 2009
  • Re: Favorites from Libronix 3 to Favorites in Libronix 4

    I'm really happy to see that I might be able to recover/transfer favorites like links/notes from 3 to 4. I did a thorough backup before deleting the old to bring in the new. Hope I saved the right files.
    Posted to Suggestions by David Brett on Sun, Dec 20 2009
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