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  • Re: Kindle Fire HD

    I have a Kindle Fire HD and the Logos app does work on it.
    Posted to Android Apps by Mike on Wed, Dec 26 2012
  • Biblical Hebrew Cut and Paste Problem in Word

    There are some great posts on this forum and others about this topic. But, reading through all of them a deciphering who knew what they were talking about took me three hours. benefit others and to try to make it simple I want to post my findings. The most frustrating thing about my lost 3 hours.... the solution is so simple. PROBLEM: If you
    Posted to General by Mike on Wed, Dec 26 2012
  • Re: Two Resource Suggestions - Dan Phillips

    Yes please!
    Posted to Suggestions by Mike on Wed, Nov 28 2012
  • Logos Setup For Reformed Theology

    Hey gang. I am a missionary, a seminary student and brand new to Logos. I love it. Can anyone take the time to list for me a few "must have" products for my resources and a few "must do" tips for my setup. Thanks in advance for your time.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Mike on Tue, Nov 6 2012
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