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  • Re: Excerpts and the home page

    I enjoy seeing the Puritan Sermons, seeing titles I would never know I had if not for excrpts. They are now included but I have to shut off most of the features that insist on tying to sell me something I don't already have. Also, when I hit refresh, there are few new things if any, that pop up.
    Posted to Suggestions by CharlyG on Thu, Oct 3 2019
  • choosing resources when installing on a different computer than my main computer.

    I would like to suggest a choice of Most popular resources from My library when installing. I did not like the choice of most popular resources among Logos users(evidently). Most of it I would never download on my own, and would prefer a choice of resources I use the most from my Reformed Platinum library. It should be doable. I don't need all 5900
    Posted to Suggestions by CharlyG on Thu, Oct 3 2019
  • Please stop pushing NT Wright

    N T Wright has gone off the rails and is no longer orthodox. Stop making him seem like the be all and end all of authors. His views on Paul and penal substitution are absolute heresy. Wretched has a couple of videos with MacArthur and Johnson pointing out just a few errors. He may have been orthodox in his earlier writings, but unworthy of anyone';s
    Posted to General by CharlyG on Sun, Sep 8 2019

    Why am I getting advice from/about the Church of God on my home page? I am reformed and have no desire to see any of their advice.
    Posted to Logos 8 by CharlyG on Thu, Jul 11 2019
  • Logos 8 Home Page refresh

    When will Logos 8 home page refresh ACTUALLY refresh the page instead of just rearranging the same old stuff. It's become nothing more than ads for spending more money. I want MORE of my library suggestions and LESS of buy this NOW.
    Posted to Suggestions by CharlyG on Sun, Jun 23 2019
  • I'm having many issues with libraries on iPad, iPhone and PC

    The device section of the library is all messed up. I try to delete some things from the iPhone library from my PC and they delete from the PC library instead. I'd rather not have seen them that to have them do the wrong thing. Also, my iPhone shows up twice with one saying I have double the resources. Ever since I started down this path, my iPad is
    Posted to Logos 8 by CharlyG on Sat, Jun 8 2019
  • Chesed

    When I google chesed, I get back this: che·sed /ˈKHesəd/ noun JUDAISM the attribute of grace, benevolence, or compassion, especially (in Kabbalism) as one of the sephiroth. When I search chesed in Logos, I get back a person. What's the dealio?
    Posted to General by CharlyG on Thu, May 2 2019
  • Excerpts and the home page

    I am not a fan of the new home page. When I refresh, it just recycles the same stuff at a new location on the page. The BEST part of the old home page is not even included, which is excerpts from MY OWN library. I have a huge librarya and do not wish to see countless adds that never change for books I don;t have. I used to be able to shut that off.
    Posted to Suggestions by CharlyG on Fri, Dec 28 2018
  • Library Excerpts on Home Page

    This was my favorite feature on the home page. PLEASE bring it back in 8!
    Posted to Suggestions by CharlyG on Wed, Dec 12 2018
  • Re: Excluding owned items and pre-pubs from search

    Now if I could exlcude my owned products from their sales pitches!
    Posted to by CharlyG on Mon, Nov 20 2017
  • Please explain datasets

    What are they? How can we use them? is there any video/info?
    Posted to General by CharlyG on Tue, Oct 17 2017
  • Re: Fortress Commentary of the Bible ebook 2 volume set

    I prefer reading any book in Logos. I love the fact that i can just hover over bible references and read them instead of glossing over them in Kindle. I'm PCA and Sproul,Horton, Keller, and Koukl(not PCA but apologist) are my main "mentors".
    Posted to by CharlyG on Thu, Sep 14 2017
  • Brand new Blog/discussion group on Facebook!

    About a year ago, I started on a journey to find my place in God's Kingdom. I am an ordained ruling elder)not active atm) in a PCA church in Calabasas Ca. After getting back into guys like Horton, Sproul, Koukl, Keller and Buchanan. I started to really learn Logos thru training videos, and have come a long way. I spend 4-8 hours a day on various computers
    Posted to Reformed Products by CharlyG on Wed, Sep 6 2017
  • Re: Scrivener and Logos 6 Help

    A little over 6500 words. This is my first exposure to the TDNT and the definition of disciple is quite lengthy...... And thanks for taking time with me. I am on fire to write a book on discipleship, with an accent on the relational aspect(not my strength). CharlyG
    Posted to General by CharlyG on Fri, Feb 27 2015
  • Re: Scrivener and Logos 6 Help

    As it turns out, I copied/pasted into wordpad, saved as a file, and did a DND to Scrivener Research. That worked pretty well. I think there was too much information for an index card when just cut/-pasted?
    Posted to General by CharlyG on Fri, Feb 27 2015
  • Re: Scrivener and Logos 6 Help

    I have the NT THeo dictionbary definition of Disciple and I want to copy it into my Scrviener project as a resource, that is all. I just want to put the things I will be using for my book into Scrivener.
    Posted to General by CharlyG on Fri, Feb 27 2015
  • Scrivener and Logos 6 Help

    Anyone ,moving things from Logos to Scrivener? I can;t figure it out.... But then again, I am more of a tech than a writer! Thanks, CharlyG
    Posted to General by CharlyG on Fri, Feb 27 2015
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