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  • Re: Linux version of Logos Bible Software

    Thanks for posting. I have been scrubbing through the posts to read about successful runs of Logos on Linux that can be repeated by a novice like myself. The VM certainly stirs up a lot of interest for me.
    Posted to Suggestions by Zachary Rainey on Thu, May 23 2019
  • Re: Finding Proper Names

    I have been using the @np search (All Morph Text in Old Testament in English Standard) as I am reading through the Old Testament. I wondered why some proper names are ignored. For example, Joshua 1:4 does not find Hittites or Great Sea; Joshua 2:12 does not find Reubenites or Gadites or God; and so on. I have had similar experience in the First Five
    Posted to General by Zachary Rainey on Mon, Mar 11 2019
  • Bible Search Template: A Place in the Bible

    This template asks for input of a "Person" and would make sense if it asked instead for a "Place."
    Posted to Suggestions by Zachary Rainey on Wed, Jan 9 2019
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