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  • Re: BCE!!!!!!!!!

    No, it was on my daily update page on my Logos 5 software that I saw a picture that was labeled in a BCE framework and that really set me off. I have the same reaction to Logos unwillingness to fix their software that requires a credit card input for a free book. This is disgraceful for a software company, and they dismiss this bad front as "we're too
    Posted to General by Bruce Brewer on Tue, Sep 2 2014
  • BCE!!!!!!!!!

    I'll tell you one of my pet peeves of that I have found in the writings of many "so-called Christian writers." That is the use of BCE - Before Common Era. This is NOT even true. The world can only be divided into two eras, Before the Messiah and After the Messiah. Any other references are pagan and for self-styled Christian writers to succumb to atheistic
    Posted to General by Bruce Brewer on Mon, Sep 1 2014
  • Re: Bad to require credit card for free books/downloads.

    Logos makes excuses like, "it's okay Bruce we're not going to charge you." or "Logos says, "other sites do it to for their free stuff." This is pure poppycock. Here is a company (Logos) who makes their living selling computer stuff and claims to be Christian to boot. But they refuse to add a modification to their purchase program whereby when you "purchase
    Posted to by Bruce Brewer on Tue, Feb 4 2014
  • Credit card info for "free" books

    Logos has a interesting practice that it is okay to collect credit card information when you try to download a 'free" book. Do you think this is necessary? Logos says their program requires it and they won't modify it for "free" downloads. A company that sells computer programs won't correct an error of requiring credit card info when it in not necessary
    Posted to General by Bruce Brewer on Thu, May 16 2013
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