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  • Re: Updates information

    Edi - at the sort of size you mention, it's likely that this download is a load of updated resources and datasets - application updates aren't normally that large. Although it is quite likely that there's an application update in there as well. When a version update comes out, it is always advised in the Logos 7 forum, with Release Notes so you can
    Posted to General by GregW on Sat, Dec 17 2016
  • OT: Searched for Gehenna and got John MacArthur

    I did a media search for "Gehenna" to see if I could find any more images of the Valley of Hinnom, and got a picture of John MacArthur preaching! He was preaching on Hell, so I guess it's a reasonable result to come up with, but it did take me aback for a moment.
    Posted to General by GregW on Sun, Dec 11 2016
  • Re: So...what would make you buy more books from Logos?

    I would buy more if... New books came to Logos more quickly . I've bought a number of dead-tree or Kindle books which I needed to read for projects, but which weren't available in Logos. Examples would be Chris Wright's The Mission of God , Fee & Stuart's Old & New Testament Exegesis , a number of books I had to purchase for an MA course I was
    Posted to General by GregW on Sat, Dec 10 2016
  • Re: Help Files?

    [quote user="Don Awalt"]My last version is Nov. 14[/quote] Are you sure? Mine says Nov 14, 2016.
    Posted to Logos Now by GregW on Tue, Dec 6 2016
  • Re: New Resources for December not coming

    [quote user="Bootjack"] I should have asked ... if one should want to buy one or more of the Temporary Resources, do we do that from the Logos website or is there a way to do that within Logos itself? [/quote] You're often better off waiting until the end of the month or early next month: they tend to send out an email offering you a discount to purchase
    Posted to Logos Now by GregW on Sat, Dec 3 2016
  • Re: Gordon Fee's New Testament Exegesis

    Fee's book, along with Stuart's volume on the Old Testament, are now available on Pre-pub .
    Posted to General by GregW on Fri, Dec 2 2016
  • Re: What Happened to NT Exegesis (Fee) and OT Exegesis (Stuart)?

    These two books are now available (at long last!) on Pre-pub. See
    Posted to Suggestions by GregW on Fri, Dec 2 2016
  • Re: When will we be able to copy/paste with reference?

    Robert - I assume you are referring to the iPhone/iPad apps as you've posted in that forum, but your signature shows you using a MacBook. It's possible on the MacBook/desktop apps, and I just wanted to make sure you're aware of that. To do it on the MacBook, select "Copy Bible Verses" from the Tools menu and it guides you through the process.
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by GregW on Wed, Nov 30 2016
  • Re: A word about the sermon editor

    [quote user="Richard Wardman"]True. And I can testify that after a couple of months of using the sermon editor I'm now much more proficient than at first.[/quote] I've found the same, and am appreciating the benefits of not having to turn my sermons into Personal Books to get them into Logos, as well as the ease of getting Bible passages into sermons
    Posted to Logos 7 by GregW on Tue, Nov 29 2016
  • Re: Sermon Editor

    [quote user="greypilgrim"] I would say that his monitor is on. He states in his post that all he sees is a blank white window. That is quite a bit different than a blank "black" screen. I wish people would read the posts that they offer suggestions to. [/quote] Graham is actually one of the most helpful people on these Forums, offering numerous solutions
    Posted to Logos 7 by GregW on Mon, Nov 21 2016
  • Re: Word Study

    [quote user="Graham Criddle"] You can do it for a book - or passage - but not an author [/quote] I've created ranges for the Johannine and Pauline writings which would allow you to achieve what Mark is trying to do for authors. For Luke, type Luke; Acts into the range selector. For John, type John;1 John-3 John;Revelation For Paul, type Rom-Philem
    Posted to General by GregW on Fri, Nov 4 2016
  • Re: Old Testament for Everyone Series Upgrade (4 vols.) by John E. Goldingay

    [quote user="DAL"] Thanks, but I'm not quite sold on his wanna be NT Wright series. Wright is tedious as it is on his never ending stories that take forever to get to the point, but at least, that's NT Wright. Goldingay loses my attention within the first page or two of his "OT for everyone" series. I guess is not really "for everyone." I think I'll
    Posted to General by GregW on Fri, Nov 4 2016
  • Re: Strange rendering of NA28 on iPad

    Thank you Kevin - I just noticed today that if I turn off inline footnotes it doesn't happen any more - that is with the resource still downloaded. The reason I downloaded it was to be able to do my Reading Plan when I'm not able to get Internet access, but i'll give it a go tomorrow without the resource downloaded and with inline footnotes turned on
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by GregW on Mon, Oct 31 2016
  • Re: Strange rendering of NA28 on iPad

    I rarely use Logos on my iPhone, but just noticed the same thing happens on my iPhone 6.
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by GregW on Sat, Oct 29 2016
  • Strange rendering of NA28 on iPad

    I have a Daily Reading Plan for the NA28, and sometimes do my reading on my iPad. When I do, I seem to get the Title page popping up at random places within the text (see screenshots below). I don't have this problem on my desktop at all. I have tried re-downloading the resource (I download any resource I'm using a Reading Plan for to my iPad). That
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by GregW on Thu, Oct 27 2016
  • Re: ESV Permanent Text Edition 2016

    I don't want to be a party-pooper, but this thread is heading towards violating the Forum Guidelines (see points 1 & 2 here ). Once we start debating the rights and wrongs of the KJV we get onto very emotive territory, and will be generating a lot more heat than light. I have some very strong views on both the KJV and the latest ESV changes , but
    Posted to General by GregW on Tue, Oct 18 2016
  • Re: Understanding the meaning of church Language and words used.

    [quote user="Keith Howard"] M J thanks for your advice I have check the TNIV and it is helpful, now I am trying to find a dictionary to help. Thanks again. God Bless as he has blessed me in finding you. Keith [/quote] Hi Keith - I assume you're in the UK from the "Church of England" reference. If so, the New International Version 2011 (NIV) translation
    Posted to Accessibility by GregW on Sun, Oct 16 2016
  • Re: October birthday certificates

    Hi Stephen - I've had mine and spent it. I also noticed someone else put a "thank you" on here a few days ago, so I suggest you: Check through your email Spam folder in case it's ended up there. Contact Faithlife Customer rService on Monday if you haven't received it. If you've received it in previous years and haven't changed your email list subscriptions
    Posted to General by GregW on Sat, Oct 15 2016
  • Re: Almost there!: Roman Historians

    [quote user="Joseph Turner"] Bumping for just a few more bids. [/quote] I think you should be on commission for this one, Joseph (and yes, I've been in for months).
    Posted to General by GregW on Thu, Oct 13 2016
  • Re: Help with searching personal letters

    I right-clicked on the name Athanasius at the top of one of his letters, and it gave me this syntax, which appears to work. {Label Personal Letter WHERE Author ~ <Biography Athanasius of Alexandria>}
    Posted to Logos 7 by GregW on Wed, Oct 12 2016
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