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  • Re: A Request for an N T Wright 'For Everyone' Package please.

    You probably need to post this on the "Suggestions" forum ( ) as I don't think Logos monitors suggestions here. i have made a similar suggestion there in the past for both the Wright and Goldingay "For Everyone" series. I've already got most of the Wright collection in Dead Tree format, but would like the "For
    Posted to General by GregW on Sat, Jan 14 2012
  • Re: Which To Purchase iPad or Android Based?

    I think the comment earlier about Android fragmentation is important. I was holding off for the price of Android tablets to come down, but when Amazon brought out the Kindle Fire and forked the code base at the same time, I went out and bought an iPad 2. The Android market is getting inceasingly fragmented, and I suspect Bob and his team are going to
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by GregW on Fri, Jan 6 2012
  • Re: Celebration of Discipline?

    [quote user="Philana Crouch"]One option would to put Celebration of Discipline on Vyrso instead of Logos.[/quote] It makes sense - there are not a huge number of Scripture citations in it, but it is a classic and one that's still widely recommended. I've already got it in Kindle, but did check first to see if it was available on Logos. The smaller number
    Posted to General by GregW on Fri, Jan 6 2012
  • Re: 12 Days of Logos Underwhelming?

    I think we have been spoiled in the past and have come to expect monster discounts at Christmas. I only bought one of the offers (Waltke Hebrew Syntax) but appreciated being able to get this as it's been on my mental "wish list" for a while. Some of the big bundles, while tremendous offers, were more than I felt I could justify spending, so I restrained
    Posted to General by GregW on Sat, Dec 24 2011
  • Re: Help request from a Christian noobie and recent Logos 4 purchaser - Basic commentary, dictionary suggestions please

    Hi Jonny, and welcome to the forums from across the Irish Sea. [quote user="Jonathan Cousins"]Given I am only starting off, would you say that it was a wise decision or not buying the Scholar's version?[/quote] Others have said elsewhere in the forums that you are best getting the highest base package you can afford, and I think that is true. You have
    Posted to General by GregW on Sat, Dec 10 2011
  • Re: What word processing, bibliographic, note taking programs do you use?

    [quote user="Bill Moore"]The nice thing about NB's bibliographic component, Ibidem, is that you enter the documentation information once. After that, you merely enter the page number for the particular reference. I suspect that's the way EndNote works. What about Zotero.[/quote] With Zotero, you also only enter up the documentation info once, then just
    Posted to General by GregW on Wed, Dec 7 2011
  • Re: What word processing, bibliographic, note taking programs do you use?

    I haven't used NB or EndNote, but have used Zotero, which also has plugins for several Word Processors. I use it with Word, and it works fine. It has the advantage of being Open Source, and therefore costs nothing. It handles all the normal bibliographic & citation formats, and you can import book/journal, etc details into it from online library catalogues
    Posted to General by GregW on Wed, Dec 7 2011
  • Re: Dionysius the Areopagite

    Got mine about three hours ago.
    Posted to General by GregW on Mon, Nov 28 2011
  • Re: Thank You

    Hi Bill - I don't know you, although I have read some of your posts over the months. I pray that God will be with you through a "dark valley" and I think your posts here remind us that our electronic libraries exist to serve a greater purpose, and are not an end in themselves (although they do enable us to serve more effectively). May God walk with
    Posted to General by GregW on Sat, Nov 26 2011
  • Re: Bug: "Add To Favorites" Not Working

    [quote user="Hunter Clagett"] After looking into this a bit more, what version of Logos 4 are you using? Have you installed the Logos 4.5 beta by chance? If so, your favorites have been migrated to Logos 4.5 favorites can no longer (during the beta period) be added from mobile apps. [/quote] I'm not on 4.5 beta, and cannot access favourites on my iPad
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by GregW on Wed, Nov 23 2011
  • Re: Logos for iOS 1.8.3 Release Notes

    [quote user="Peter Li"] WARNING to other users! DO NOT download this if you need the iOS app working on your iDevice. [/quote] I have just applied the update on both iPhone and iPad and it is working fine on both. Took a while to start first time, but no resource upgrading was necessary and my download resources (50 or so) are all still present and
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by GregW on Tue, Nov 22 2011
  • Re: Bug: "Add To Favorites" Not Working

    [quote user="Graham Criddle"] I assumed I must have been doing something wrong! [/quote] I assumed the same. Works fine on my iPhone, but not on iPad 2.
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by GregW on Mon, Nov 21 2011
  • Re: Linux version of Logos Bible Software

    I'm not remotely interested in this, but someone on the Spanish forum appears to have got it working on Ubuntu. Haven't translated it as it's quite a long post.
    Posted to Suggestions by GregW on Sun, Nov 20 2011
  • Re: Outdated and expensive

    [quote user="Mike Binks"] The owner of Logos is a practical man - who trusts the integrity of his customers. I think that he would say that as an occasional user of the computer you would not be defrauding Logos (especially if you are the man paying the bills). It might become a different matter when No. 1 son goes off to University - but that may be
    Posted to General by GregW on Sun, Nov 20 2011
  • Re: Christmas 2011 Promotion

    [quote user="Todd Phillips"]Being able to buy individual volumes of NICOT/NICNT would be a great Christmas present.[/quote] Agreed - I actually emailed this to earlier this week. Even sub-collections would provide a way of building the collection. (Gospels, Pauline, etc).
    Posted to General by GregW on Fri, Nov 18 2011
  • Re: Christmas 2012 Promotion

    [quote user="Paul Clarke"] How about NICNT? [/quote] The Bible Speaks Today HALOT Liddell & Scott Lexicon Tyndale Commentaries Tom Wirght's "For Everyone" series (on its own, I've got nearly all of the rest of the collection already). Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentaries IVP Biblical Theology Collection Zondervan Hermeneutics Collection
    Posted to General by GregW on Thu, Nov 17 2011
  • Re: Community Pricing

    [quote user="Allister Baken"]How do I get an alert when a product comes onto community pricing ?[/quote] New CP offers normally appear on the Logos blog ( ) and there are various options there for following it (Facebook, Twitter, etc). I use RSS feeds, so if you use something like Google Reader you can get blog updates automatically
    Posted to General by GregW on Thu, Nov 17 2011
  • Re: David Barton - Original Intent

    [quote user="Rick"]I would really enjoy having N.T. Wright's Bible for Everyone Series in Logos format but there is no way I can buy his whole collection of books in Logos just to get the series.[/quote] I'd love to be able to get these as well. I would also like to be able to buy the NICOT/NT commentaries individually, as I 'll never need (or be able
    Posted to General by GregW on Tue, Nov 15 2011
  • Re: NRSV (in UK English)

    [quote user="Denise Barnhart"]Again it illustrates how a mind can get stuck on a very minor change.[/quote] I know - I was just searching my library for a book on counselling, and couldn't find it although I knew it was there. It was only when I went to the American spelling (counseling) that I was able to find it. It's not a major gripe, just one of
    Posted to General by GregW on Tue, Nov 15 2011
  • Re: Praise for Logos 4!

    [quote user="RIchard K Ross"]This software is in my estimation worth more than we are charged for it.[/quote] SSHHH! You need to keep that secret!
    Posted to Logos 4 by GregW on Mon, Nov 14 2011
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