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  • SUGGESTION on how to efficiently correct mistakes in software books

    Having read many commentaries now, it strikes me how many mistakes are in these software books: spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes (sentences that make no sense), wrong Bible references when you hover your mouse over, wrong links in the books, etc. Usually I glance over ("oh, it should say so and so...", "oh no, it should be this verse..."), but
    Posted to Suggestions by DoctorG on Wed, Oct 8 2014
  • Re: Individual volumes of the New Interpreter's Bible

    A while ago I did contact Faithlife and Abingdon. Faithlife passes the buck to Abingdon and Abingdon passes the buck to Faithlife. Whoever I got on the phone claimed responsibility for my area of concern, but were unwilling to do something about it (deferring me by being "nice"). In the end I got the feeling, it is FAITHLIFE, that is responsible.
    Posted to General by DoctorG on Sun, Oct 6 2019
  • Individual volumes of the New Interpreter's Bible

    I would like to purchase INDIVIDUAL VOLUMES of the New Interpreter’s Bible ( ) as I do not see the point to purchase the whole set for $600 !!!!! (WE ARE MISSIONARIES!) particularly since I am (presently) only interested in ONE volume. It is no problem to purchase individually the books
    Posted to General by DoctorG on Sat, Oct 5 2019
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