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  • Noet search resource recommendations for Ulysses

    Please provide a list of the currently available resources needed to fully support the Ulysses (Joyce) catalog description of Noet search capabilities related to dictionary lookup and literary/historical allusions. Please consider providing Noet Now and/or Noet Cloud options to support and enhance the types of described search capabilities associated
    Posted to Suggestions by Roger Dittmar on Sun, Jan 24 2016
  • Re: Ulysses tagging

    Thank you for your helpful response. Despite having more than 7,000 resources in my library, I am now convinced that to achieve full functionality, as described, will require additional resources. Also, despite already having numerous dictionaries, I purchased the Collins English Dictionary (unabridged). There was an immediate improvement in the hit
    Posted to Noet: Scholarly Tools by Roger Dittmar on Sun, Jan 24 2016
  • Ulysses tagging

    The Noet edition of Ulysses which I purchased on sale is described as: "fully indexed and tagged allowing for near instant search results. Use the dictionary lookup tool to dig deeper into Joyce's novel use of English words. The books are linked with the rest of your library, allowing you to look up literary and historical allusions with a click." The
    Posted to Noet: Scholarly Tools by Roger Dittmar on Sat, Jan 23 2016
  • Re: Using competitors products along with Logos when you can't find resources from Faithlife

    Sometimes it simply comes down to cost. I just purchased the AYB set for $750. The purchase would never have happened for double or triple that amount. At least the resource is now available to me even if another program has to be used.
    Posted to General by Roger Dittmar on Mon, Nov 23 2015
  • Logos Cloud stats

    Is information available regarding the current number of subscribers at each level? The cloud subscription concept has wonderful possibilities. I hope that it proves highly successful!
    Posted to Logos Cloud by Roger Dittmar on Fri, Jul 10 2015
  • Re: Anchor Yale Bible Group

    Thank you for the response! I participated in Logos Cloud during the June rollout. I intend to focus my studies for the next few years using the AYB resources. At present I am using volumes in print format. As soon as the AYB group becomes available in Logos Cloud I'll immediately sign back up.
    Posted to Logos Cloud by Roger Dittmar on Wed, Jul 8 2015
  • Anchor Yale Bible Group

    Include the Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries, Reference Library, and Dictionary at the Plus level and I'll definitely sign up.
    Posted to Logos Cloud by Roger Dittmar on Tue, Jul 7 2015
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