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  • Re: Logos 4 - Drinking from a firehose

    [quote user="Michael Hite"]One thing that may help is learn to build layouts[/quote] Michael - I was about to post a reply similar to yours! John - I have the opportunity to serve as the Logos guru for our teaching staff (11 pastors across three campuses). The most consistent frustration is the complexity and 'slowness' of the system. I can't tell you
    Posted to Logos 4 by Trey Boden on Mon, Sep 12 2011
  • Passage Lists in Reading Plan

    It would be really killer to have the ability to select a passage list as a reading plan. I am currently in seminary and I a taking a class that requires a daily reading for the next couple of weeks from different passages in the NT. It would be awesome if you could set the reading plan to a particular passage list to pull from. If for some reason it
    Posted to Suggestions by Trey Boden on Wed, Jan 5 2011
  • Re: B8 Pronunciation Crash

    hmmmm... the odd thing is that when I go to the control panel that was the last logs the computer has. Weird thing is that it was never installed then. It was just installed yesterday. I will check out the pronunciation tomorrow... thanks... ill let you know...
    Posted to Logos 4 by Trey Boden on Tue, Aug 31 2010
  • B8 Pronunciation Crash

    I just downloaded the L4 B8 to a new mac pro. It also has windows L4 installed in parallels as well so I'm not down. Whew! Here is the issue: In the mac B8 I loaded Matthew 1:1 and right clicked on Jesus and called for the Lemma Pronunciation. When I did I got the pin wheel and the program crashes. I tried 3 times and figured I should post since it
    Posted to Logos 4 by Trey Boden on Tue, Aug 31 2010
  • Thanks for all the hard work!

    Alpha 8 is running like a champ for me. WOOOHOOO POWER LOOKUP AND INFORMATION!!! I know Alpha testing can get brutal... Keep up the hard work guys! It gets better and better!
    Posted to Logos 4 by Trey Boden on Fri, Dec 18 2009
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