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  • Re: My students don't know what carbon paper is.

    Try explaining the mimeograph also. School today must not be the same without it.
    Posted to General by Erik on Thu, Apr 17 2014
  • Re: Free Ben Witherington Book

    Posted to General by Erik on Tue, Jun 3 2014
  • Tyndale OT Commentaries Update?

    It appears that four new (replacement) volumes in the TOTC are available: Jeremiah and Lamentations: Tyndale Old Testament Commentary [TOTC] by Hetty Lalleman Deuteronomy: Tyndale Old Testament Commentary [TOTC] by Edward J. Woods Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi: Tyndale Old Testament Commentary [TOTC] by Andrew Hill Leviticus: Tyndale Old Testament Commentary
    Posted to Suggestions by Erik on Sun, Mar 30 2014
  • Re: Tyndale OT Commentaries Update?

    Nor would I expect to receive anything for free, but an update with dynamic pricing would be nice.
    Posted to Suggestions by Erik on Mon, Mar 31 2014
  • Re: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publisher - New Testament Commentaries

    Bump...especially for Thiselton's shorter 1 Cor. commentary and Cranfield's shorter Roman's commentary. Thiselton's is especially wanted since it isn't just a condensed version of his NIGTC 1 Cor. commentary.
    Posted to Suggestions by Erik on Tue, Apr 1 2014
  • Re: NOW AVAILABLE: Reformed Base Packages!

    I'm very happy about this! I was able to pick up Reformed Silver to add to my Logos 5 Platinum/Biblical Languages package for the same price as a few of my pre-orders and the upgrade to the Exegetical Summaries. For approximately $160, I received quite a few additional resources (80+). While I was at it I decided to finally upgrade some of my Pradis
    Posted to Reformed Products by Erik on Sat, Mar 29 2014
  • Re: Venue 8 Pro and Logos 5

    My experience with Miracast isn't with the VP8, but rather with the Yoga 2 Pro. I normally stream shows from with it to our bedroom TV. There is a noticeable delay for streaming...the picture on the TV is always a few frames/seconds behind the laptop. However, the effect is likely not as prounounced for a simple desktop app like Powerpoint. I
    Posted to General by Erik on Thu, May 22 2014
  • Re: Some really ridiculous pricing

    Logos' pricing has often been designed to encourage the purchasing of bundles. The entire Continental Commentary series is $599 currently. They have also been on sale combined with the Hermeneia set for around $600 as well (that's how I purchased them). I have paid more than $71 for print editions of commentaries before (Davies & Allison on Matthew
    Posted to General by Erik on Fri, May 30 2014
  • Re: No Greek for the Rest of Us, eh?

    That is an interesting omission indeed. It is the only resource not broken out. There are plenty of English track students at Liberty that would be interested in it I'm sure.
    Posted to General by Erik on Wed, Apr 2 2014
  • Re: I see New Testament Commentary Survey, 7th ed. on prepub

    I own both the 6th (in print) and the 7th (in a competitor electronic format). The 7th is more up to date and worth it IMHO. He interacts with the wealth of commentaries that have come out in the past 6-7 years...which is considerable. That said, I find the formatting of Carson's NT survey to be horrible. Longman's OT survey is much much better. I normally
    Posted to General by Erik on Wed, Apr 9 2014
  • Re: Acer Aspire Switch 10 is garbage!

    I always fail to understand why someone would respond to a post that they believe is a waste of time. I for one find this type of thread very interesting and important for those of us who are looking to run Logos 5 on extremely mobile hardware. As the old saying goes: "If you have nothing nice to say..."
    Posted to General by Erik on Sat, Jun 14 2014
  • Re: Venue 8 Pro and Logos 5

    I recently purchased a "scratch and dent" Dell Venue 8 Pro 64gb from the Dell Outlet. It was listed at $229 plus an additional 20% off coupon. I was nervous about its condition, but it is like new in every way. I'm running Logos 5 on the internal memory (since it is my primary reason for owning the tablet) and I'm installing all other apps on the 64gb
    Posted to General by Erik on Sun, May 18 2014
  • Re: Specific Data Related to Resources.

    [quote user="brent madaris"]I am attempting to gain direction on finding specific information about my resources (for a class I am taking). I need to know four things about each commentary that that is specifically dealing with Proverbs...(I have to do about 15 commentaries....) For Example , take the Handbook on Proverbs (UBS), and I need to know four
    Posted to General by Erik on Thu, Aug 31 2017
  • Re: Any thoughts on this set?

    For what it's worth, Tremper Longman gives it 2 Stars. His opinion: "This is a series of short commentaries written from a third-world perspective. The purpose is both to shake off some of the assumptions of Western readers and to connect the text with contemporary issues. It often provides interesting insight into the Bible. At other times, however
    Posted to General by Erik on Sat, Nov 3 2018
  • Re: Preacher's Commentary Series (35 vols.)

    I paid $14.95 for a NIB CD-ROM three years ago...I can't imagine paying $450 for it.
    Posted to General by Erik on Wed, Aug 12 2015
  • Re: Bob, the new rules are forcing me to cancel my Pre-pubs

    [quote user="Mark Smith"] The only thing I'd insert into this discussion is that it might have been good for Faithlife to have given more advance notice of the policy change (2-3 months would have been good considering the fallout). That said, Bob's explanation is quite clear and I understand the need for the change. [/quote] Agreed. I had been holding
    Posted to General by Erik on Thu, Nov 19 2015
  • Re: Dynamic pricing on the Essential Reference Bundle (38 vols.)

    It seems that they have removed dynamic pricing from the Nelson 200 volume collection. I have at least 85% of this (including the commentaries) and simply don't understand the logic here...they could easily squeeze a bit more money out of me, but I simply won't purchase this for $599.95.
    Posted to General by Erik on Sat, Aug 23 2014
  • The Collected Works of John Frame

    I have the old Libronix Collected Works of John Frame CD and realized today that although the individual volumes appear in Logos 5, the website lists the same John Frame collection as not owned and available for $144.95. I can't tell why this resource is listed as available for purchase when I own all of its contents. Am I missing something?
    Posted to General by Erik on Sun, Aug 24 2014
  • Re: Back-to-School Sale Items - where are they?

    Excellent! Thanks for confirming! That gives me a few more days to ruminate on whether I really should pick up the Qumran Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls Database. My Greek is still new and I've yet to take Hebrew...but I know it will be valuable down the road. I just wish they had the entire Baylor Handbook Series on sale as opposed to just the OT volumes
    Posted to General by Erik on Sun, Aug 24 2014
  • Re: Which Books/Collections appeal to you in the new Baptist Base Packages

    Which base package do you currently have? Trying to determine whether there is value in these really is an individual assessment. These packages represent good value for someone new to Logos, but for those of us who have been purchasing add-ons for years, the calculus is much harder. Before yesterday I had L5 Platinum (after originally starting at L3
    Posted to General by Erik on Sun, Aug 24 2014
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