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    Jeremy Replied : “I AM STUCK IN MY WAYS AND MY WAYS ARE NOT YOUR WAYS BUT MY WAYS WORK!” Greetings: You and I are going to learn TAGGING or we are going to spend more time working on Logos then using Logos Then we can have a collection of ‘TAGA ‘and one of ‘TAGB’ and one of ‘TAGA OR TAGB’ QUESTION TO THE CURRENT TAGGING EXPERTS: How many tags can we
    Posted to Logos 4 by David Ames on Fri, Oct 22 2010
  • Re: Disappointment with Logos 4

    [quote user="Shawn Drewett"] But how long will L3 be there for us? [/quote] Until Windows drops support for programs that are of the type that L3 is and L3 needs to be re compiled to run on 128 [or 256] bit windows and LOGOS CO. does not offer new executables. [Best guess is when the second replacement for the computer you bought this morning dies kiss
    Posted to Logos 4 by David Ames on Fri, Oct 22 2010
  • Re: ibid in footnotes

    [quote user="Jack"] Is there a way to change the footnote settings to use "ibid" when appropriate instead of repeating the same resource? [/quote] On my first project [many years ago] I got lost on the word 'ibid' [Now I know] BUT if one copies just one reference and gets the reference of 'ibid' and did not notice it when doing the paste then one is
    Posted to General by David Ames on Fri, Oct 22 2010
  • Re: New NIV Text Available Online November 1st.

    And where will we find a list of all the differences between the old and new versions? [That is: what changed?] [With out that list we will need to re engineer all of the Bible studies that use the NIV to see if we need to change to a different verse]
    Posted to General by David Ames on Fri, Oct 22 2010
  • Re: Interesting....

    Don’t like what is offered by Logos? Then check out ‘PARTNERS’ Go to Click on Products Then about half way down the page on the right find Publishing Partner Products · Word Biblical Commentary · MacArthur LifeWorks Library · The Essential IVP Reference · Preacher's Commentary · Theological Journals · All Items Some of these have a different
    Posted to General by David Ames on Thu, Oct 21 2010
  • Re: Doing a study on a person.

    [quote user="Rosie Perera"] Next do a basic search in your Entire Library for Samson . You might want to narrow this down to just commentaries if you're getting an overwhelming number of hits. [/quote] OR don’t limit the search. The 310 th resourse just might have an item that all of the rest missed. You may just need to scan [rather then read every
    Posted to General by David Ames on Thu, Oct 14 2010
  • Re: WHY are you doing this to us????

    “WHY are you doing this to us????” “Do you really think this is in keeping with the best interests of your loyal customers?” Question: What have we been asking for a long time? We have been asking ‘why does it take so long to release?’ Now they release and we are still are not happy! Thank you Mr. Dan Pritchett for a work a round. May it become a way
    Posted to General by David Ames on Sat, Oct 9 2010
  • Re: Jehovah's Witnesses and Christadelphians

    [quote user="Eric Ruhnow"] As to studying Scripture, the WTS teaches it's members that they will fall into apostasy if they ONLY read the Bible. Their teachings state that ONLY through the WTS teachings can you avoid doctrinal error. If this isn't "adding to Scripture" I don't know what is. [/quote] References please: Where in the WTS does is so state
    Posted to General by David Ames on Tue, Oct 5 2010
  • Re: New Mobile Survey -- BlackBerry and Android users, speak out!

    [quote user="Mark E. Ryman"] I have a DroidX : [1] car charger or any replacement does not work [/quote] There are units that will plug into the DC power port [cig lighter] and give you AC power in your car - then plug your home recharger into it [and study your bible when the DroidX version is ready while some one else drives]
    Posted to General by David Ames on Mon, Oct 4 2010
  • Re: More RAM or SSD?

    [quote user="Jerry M"] Kevin, Thanks for the response. I have thought about investing in a SSD or Word Biblical Commentary... Decisions, Decisions :) [/quote] Get the Books - Fast is nice but if you have no where to go?
    Posted to Logos 4 by David Ames on Sat, Oct 2 2010
  • Re: The Harvard Classics looks so cool, but...

    The Harvard Classics and Fiction Collection (71 Vols.) more commonly known as “The Five-Foot Shelf,” Vol. 14: Don Quixote, Part 1, Cervantes The First Part of the Delightful History of the Most Ingenious Knight, Don Quixote of the Mancha, by Miguel de Cervantes (Charles W. Eliot chose not to include the second part of Don Quixote in the Harvard Fiction
    Posted to General by David Ames on Sun, Sep 26 2010
  • Re: Who first Matthew 18:18

    [quote user="MJ. Smith"] Logos very specifically does does not have such a section. History has shown very strongly that some people become abusive when such threads were allowed. Please don't try to push against the limits - they are, unfortunately, necessary. (And, yes, I was one frequently involved in such threads). [/quote] I will drop this subject
    Posted to Logos 4 by David Ames on Mon, Sep 20 2010
  • Re: Who first Matthew 18:18

    Some one wrote: "Jesus says that heaven will endorse the decision. He did not say, "It will be bound in Heaven if you are correct."" Or did He? Yes, Many Many Many [most?] of the resources in Logos so state. BUT others imply that if you are not correct it will not be bound. [I listed three.] My month long study leads me to the minority view - that we
    Posted to Logos 4 by David Ames on Mon, Sep 20 2010
  • Re: Who first Matthew 18:18

    RE: Who first Matthew 18:18 (and 16:19) Humans being human need to have things addressed very clearly and without possibility of misunderstanding. Have spent much time since my last posts to this thread reading and reading on the subject – did not open all of the commentaries but did open many. [It only took me a month to answer my own question and
    Posted to Logos 4 by David Ames on Sun, Sep 19 2010
  • Re: ESV Bible Atlas

    [quote user="John Kight"] Me 14! [/quote] Wait, is 14 thumbs up + even legal!???!!!??? Quote Only if they buy 14 copies?
    Posted to General by David Ames on Sat, Sep 18 2010
  • Re: Is it good to link to Amazon offers?

    What is the total cost? Is it cheaper to buy an older version at discount and then upgrade or to buy the newest at the best price available? Unless that older version is very cheep it may be best to go to the newest directly.
    Posted to General by David Ames on Sat, Sep 4 2010
  • Re: MP3 files in Logos 4

    I do not know about “MP3” files but in Logos 3 and 4 the resource “ Steve Green’s MIDI Hymnal” plays “MIDI” files by clicking on the TUNE name above the words of the hymn.
    Posted to Logos 4 by David Ames on Fri, Sep 3 2010
  • Re: serch for english from Greek or Hebrew word?

    Per John Fidel’s post. [The second one in this thread] there is a circle of English words that a Greek word was translated to. I n that example the words ‘abide’, ‘remain’, ‘stay’ have BIG easy to click on segments [that English word is used many times]. Even ‘lived’ is big enough to put your mouse on. But is there a trick that I missed to open up the
    Posted to General by David Ames on Thu, Sep 2 2010
  • Re: Who first Matthew 18:18

    Do I understand correctly? An Interlinear has the English but in the order of the original text. [Such that the English words may not make sense as English sentences] [example Kurt Aland, Matthew Black, Carlo M. Martini et al., The Greek New Testament, Fourth Revised Edition (Interlinear With Morphology)] And a Reverse Interlinear has the Greek or Hebrew
    Posted to Logos 4 by David Ames on Thu, Aug 26 2010
  • Re: Complete Word Study Bible- KJV

    If you right click on a word the pop up page lists the Strong's number - it does not do that in all Bibles
    Posted to General by David Ames on Thu, Aug 26 2010
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