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  • Re: Scrolling on ANDROID

    I agree with you! The thing that surprises me most is that I don't see anyone else complaining, despite the fact that vertical scrolling is all but useless. I have switched to youversion for my main Bible reading. I only go to logos when I have to for commentary or something. Also, I find the touch to drag highlighting quite horrible as well. Hopefully
    Posted to Android Apps by James Ryan Hall on Wed, May 11 2016
  • Scrolling on ANDROID

    Vertical scrolling is really bad on Android. It does not matter which device; I have tried it on three different Android device models. It jumps every time you try to scroll up, so that you lose your place for a second. It is also very choppy. I am not sure why it is this way because it scrolls as smooth as butter on the iPhone.
    Posted to Android Apps by James Ryan Hall on Fri, Apr 8 2016
  • Re: PUBLISH: God's Glory in Salvation Through Judgment

    I agree with Phil Trach. Please bring this book to Logos.
    Posted to Suggestions by James Ryan Hall on Sun, Oct 20 2013
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