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  • Re: Notes for Android

    Hi Graham, What I would like to do on my Android tablet is have the Bible text open and on the split screen have the discussion questions I have typed up for that evening's Bible study group. (Currently, I can open a commentary or other book on that split screen.) I'm hoping this is the way viewing a note document will work. I obviously can't speak
    Posted to Android Apps by Neal Bowes on Wed, Mar 13 2013
  • Re: Notes for Android

    [quote user="Graham Criddle"]Are you aware that you can upgrade to the new Logos 5 engine for free and get the advantages of the new UI and some other features[/quote] I was not aware of that and really appreciate your telling me. I really do like Logos and find it to be very valuable. I'll wait with anticipation for the notes feature in the Android
    Posted to Android Apps by Neal Bowes on Thu, Mar 14 2013
  • Re: Serendipity Bible Notes (Group Questions)

    Just found this post, too. I'm looking for Serendipity questions in electronic form and would love to have them in Logos.
    Posted to Suggestions by Neal Bowes on Wed, Oct 5 2016
  • Re: Touch friendly user interface

    I have installed Logos 5 on the Dell Venue 8 Pro. It's an amazing little ($300) tablet running the full version of Windows 8.1. I can do all my research for a Bible Study on my desktop machine, save my discussion questions in a note, and head into the lesson with just the tablet. I open the notes in the left panel and the Scripture on the right side
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Neal Bowes on Mon, Dec 9 2013
  • Re: New Interpreter's Bible

    I plan to buy NIB when it's available. Blessings to everybody who is working hard to make it happen!
    Posted to General by Neal Bowes on Mon, Dec 9 2013
  • Re: Touch friendly user interface

    Touch screens are still relatively new, but that is the direction everything is headed. A lot of laptops are touchscreens now--and a lot of them are such that their screens are detachable, making them a tablet, too. The new desktops all-in-ones are touchscreens. Windows 8.1 is touch-centric. Now, granted, even the Microsoft Office programs aren't as
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Neal Bowes on Thu, Dec 12 2013
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