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  • Re: Kjv only

    [quote user="Mark"] [quote user="Denise"] Per the reviewers, it smashes up modern day criticism. [/quote] Would be nice to have this in Logos also. Always good to have various sides to read for research. [/quote] I very much agree - Denise''s suggested book by Wilbur Pickering would be
    Posted to Logos 8 by Paul on Thu, Dec 6 2018
  • Re: Headword search extension

    [quote user="Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :)"] [quote user="Bradley Grainger (Faithlife)"] In the meantime, though, do you think this is common enough that supporting comma-delimited quoted terms would be worthwhile? [quote user="Mark Barnes"]<Bible Isaiah 28:11-12 > INTERSECTS ({Headword Glossolalia}, {Headword Tongues}, {Headword Tongues, Gift Of},
    Posted to Logos 8 by Paul on Mon, Dec 3 2018
  • Re: The New Israel

    [quote user="DAL"] ......we are not saved by works of the law or by being a Jew, but rather obedience to the gospel. [/quote] I realise there would be different readings by different groups out there so I'm not raising this to debate with anyone - but my own understanding is that it is faith in Christ alone rather than our obedience that is the standard
    Posted to General by Paul on Sun, Nov 11 2018
  • Re: Reformed Expository Commentary: Acts - No longer available for purchase

    I have this volume also. The copyright reference was 2011 so presumably its been in circulation for a while so there are probably a lot of purchasers out there. Its a disappointing thing to happen for all concerned, especially the author, but it seems to be one of those risks commentary writers face these days. As for me, this is the 7th commentary
    Posted to General by Paul on Wed, Nov 7 2018
  • Re: Lexham Survey of Theology - feedback

    I guess its a bit like which kind of ice cream you prefer? Personally, I like chocolate, but can go with most colours and flavours - after all its the ice cream that matters. I guess I'm fairly ecumenical about ice cream at least. With respect, SineNomine describes the "Lexham Survey of Theology" as "unambiguously Protestant"- but I read that to simply
    Posted to Lexham Press by Paul on Sat, Nov 3 2018
  • Re: Links inconsistent in Commentaries

    [quote user="Chuck G."] I have "Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament: John." When I open that resource in a window and enter a Scripture passage, say John 10:22, the window positions to the footnotes, rather than to the commentary text. When I type in John 10:22-24, it correctly positions to the commentary text. Obviously there is no specific
    Posted to Logos 7 by Paul on Sat, Nov 3 2018
  • Re: Online FREE Bible College

    God bless you CharlesJ - For your sharing the link and for being so open about your life. Unfortunately, those forum rules (or guidelines) seem to work better for some people than others. I've no idea about the US, its denominations or its religious attitudes so I for one have learned something from you. Take care Paul
    Posted to General by Paul on Mon, Oct 29 2018
  • Re: Tov's Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible Pulled!

    [quote user="Kyle G. Anderson"] [quote user="Mark Smith"] [quote user="Ben Amundgaard (Faithlife)"]I don't believe there is any reason to return the book (though you are free to).[/quote] Ben, There was discussion about the level of errors in the text which I referenced above. Has FL looked into how serious this is? Does it compromise the accuracy of
    Posted to General by Paul on Fri, Oct 26 2018
  • Re: Free Revised Edition

    This was excellent thing to do, Faithlife. My thanks also.
    Posted to General by Paul on Tue, Oct 23 2018
  • Re: Logos Search by Hebrew Numerical Value instead of Words and Phrases

    See also whre there is a conversation about a "Numeric Calculator" within the Logos Software. Keep well Paul
    Posted to General by Paul on Tue, Oct 23 2018
  • Re: Book problem - Table of Contents

    [quote user="Kyle G. Anderson"] Hey Paul I can see why you'd assume this was a typo. It certainly seems odd. However in this case it appears it was a publisher decision. There are no chapter titles for the first 12 chapters. [/quote] Hi Kyle - Thanks for taking time to review this issue. An odd approach by the publisher to include some chapter headings
    Posted to General by Paul on Thu, Oct 11 2018
  • Re: Book problem - Table of Contents

    Thanks Fredc - This is my first and only report to Faithlife so far. This kind of error is one that it is hard to insert within a 'Typo' report from the software. I know that Faithlife monitors these forums and have seen them respond to these kinds of reports previously so happy to wait for a response here for the moment. One thing about posting on
    Posted to General by Paul on Wed, Oct 10 2018
  • Book problem - Table of Contents

    Dear Faithlife On 10 October, I purchased the following book for download from the logos website: Anthony Cardinale, The Revolt of Rabbi Morris Cohen: Exploring the Passion & Piety of a Modern-Day Pharisee (Clarksville, MD: Lederer Books A division of Messianic Jewish Publishers, 2013). My problem is that the Table of Contents contains chapter titles
    Posted to General by Paul on Wed, Oct 10 2018
  • Re: KJV and Apocrypha?

    [quote user="Dan Francis"] But considering that the vast majority of the world’s Christian churches (by population) include the books it verges on arrogance to ignore them completely. [/quote] I guess that for Protestants at least, its simply a case as to why you should read them. If the desire is to read inspired Scripture, then Protestants do
    Posted to General by Paul on Tue, Oct 2 2018
  • Re: KJV and Apocrypha?

    Hi there - I understand that the first edition of the King James Bible (1611) had the apocrypha, but by at least 1629 when it was printed at Cambridge, the apocrypha was removed. You might be interested in these general articles though there is of course much more out there on this issue. The Encyclopedia Britannica: The first Bible in English to exclude
    Posted to General by Paul on Tue, Oct 2 2018
  • Re: Thank-you Faith Life

    [quote user="Milkman"] Just wanted to say thank-you to Bob and FL for the birthday coupon. mm. [/quote] Happy birthday Milkman !
    Posted to General by Paul on Thu, Sep 20 2018
  • Re: Messianic Jews Question

    A fascinating thread. Thank you for sharing the question and your thoughts. Keep well Paul
    Posted to General by Paul on Thu, Sep 20 2018
  • Re: Thanks to the Faithlife team!

    I agree - the Faithlife team deserve our real thanks and appreciation! I'm neither a pastor or minister, but over the years the Logos library and tools have opened worlds for me as well as those with whom I share. Keep well Paul
    Posted to General by Paul on Sun, Sep 16 2018
  • Re: Midrash Rabbah

    I absolutely agree ! I would love to have the Midrash Rabbah available in the Logos library - particularly that published by Soncino (See While I have a multiple volume set in hard copy, having it within Logos and searchable would be tremendous. The desire for Midrah Rabbah to be available also arose some years ago: https://community.logos
    Posted to Suggestions by Paul on Sat, Sep 15 2018
  • Re: The Commentators Bible: Genesis (Miqra’ot Gedolot)

    I'm looking forward to this one coming through. Faithlife and its employees are doing a great service in making them available. Its a pleasure to read such works in this life and who knows maybe there will be libraries in the world to come! Keep well Paul
    Posted to Suggestions by Paul on Sat, Sep 8 2018
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