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  • Re: Mobile Ed.

    Hi Duane - I would stand in agreement with your prayer. You clearly have a real desire to know God more deeply, minister in His Name and follow where He wants to take you. God bless your ongoing commitment to Him. May the Lord bless you and heal you completely so that you suffer no seizures and your mind, memory and abilities are perfected for His glory
    Posted to Faithlife Groups / by Paul on Thu, Dec 3 2015
  • Re: Fundamentalist Base Package and King James Only Resource Collection

    My thanks to KJB1611 for raising the issue of a fundamentalist base package and a King James Only resource collection. Some of the further suggestions by people as to what might be included are also very helpful. If Faithlife agrees to the proposed collections for development, I would seriously consider investing in them. Personally, I regard the King
    Posted to Suggestions by Paul on Wed, Jul 29 2015
  • Re: Rashi?

    I agree with Nick and would also very much like to see Rashi's commentaries as well as other Jewish commentaries offered by Faithlife. I agree with MJ's comments on their value to Christians studying the Bible. If these commentaries were available as a Jewish products package, I would be very interested. Keep well Paul
    Posted to Jewish Products by Paul on Sat, Apr 25 2015
  • Re: Is there a KJV Bible from that is best on the 1769 text?

    Thanks MJ - That would seem like a good solution for the future, particularly if individual Bibles can be purchased rather than as part of a package. Keep well Paul
    Posted to Logos 6 by Paul on Thu, Apr 9 2015
  • Re: Is there a KJV Bible from that is best on the 1769 text?

    Hi Harrison My sincere apologies for misleading you on the availability of the KJV version of 1769 within the later Logos offerings. Despite the assurances contained in the Blog (which Scott has kindly pointed us to) I personally would not regard the KJV (1900) as better or an appropriate substitute for the 1769 version. It's sobering to think that
    Posted to Logos 6 by Paul on Thu, Apr 9 2015
  • Re: Is there a KJV Bible from that is best on the 1769 text?

    Thanks Scott for the blog and thread references - this may certainly explain why the KJV 1769 edition seems to be absent in Harrison's package. I was not aware that version had been discontinued for the new packages and also not currently being sold by Logos. It seems the only reason I have it would be because I bought an earlier package. Keep well
    Posted to Logos 6 by Paul on Thu, Apr 9 2015
  • Re: Is there a KJV Bible from that is best on the 1769 text?

    Its likely you do have the King James Version (also known as the Authorised Version) somewhere in your package as it seems to be included in most if not all of them. Just in case - see the product at: . Keep well Paul
    Posted to Logos 6 by Paul on Wed, Apr 8 2015
  • Re: Is there a KJV Bible from that is best on the 1769 text?

    Hi there Your question is a very important one for those of us who use the King James Bible as their main authority. While I have ordered the New Cambridge Paragraph Bible (NCPB) with the apocrypha, I’m conscious its product description may imply real differences from the 1769 text. For example, it states: Although it is the most important book in the
    Posted to Logos 6 by Paul on Wed, Apr 8 2015
  • Re: NEW: Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos 6

    Thank you Celeste - its great to see this new product arriving at prepublication. If you are able to advise whether a discount on the prepublication price would be available for those who purchased the earlier DVD based product that would be appreciated. I'm sure there are people like myself who will still see the prepublication price as very expensive
    Posted to Logos Mobile Education by Paul on Wed, Feb 18 2015
  • Re: Lutzer book on Same Sex Marriage

    An excellent idea. I read an outline of the book on Amazon and it seeks to present a biblical perspective on an important issue. In the face of pressure to . conform to the worldly and immoral view on this issue, its good to see Christians turning to their Bibles for answers and such books can really help them. Keep well Paul
    Posted to Suggestions by Paul on Sat, May 12 2012
  • Re: Catholic church the antichrist? Really?

    Hi there Dave Hunt's books are worth reading and he has written quite a few. Apart from the title mentioned in this thread (which I have on my shelf), they include 'The Seduction of Christianity' referring to the charismatic movement, 'A Cup of Trembling' addressing the importance of Jerusalem and more recently "What Love is this?" addressing aspects
    Posted to Suggestions by Paul on Tue, Dec 27 2011
  • Re: OT: Some thoughts on the KJV

    Hi Schezic ! I must admit that I don't see the statements you cite as being at odds with each other - perhaps you should re-read them? Matthew was spending a fair amount of time responding to very direct questions when the points he was making were quite simple. I thought he responded with grace and tact. I'm sure many people will welcome the KJV to
    Posted to General by Paul on Mon, Apr 11 2011
  • Re: OT: Some thoughts on the KJV

    Hi Matthew Thanks for your patient and respectful contributions in the exchange of views on this issue. I often read the forums and have followed this discussion closely. I've noticed in different forums out there (and in some churches) that those who particularly honour the KJV (and I understand you are not a KJV-Only" advocate) come in for criticism
    Posted to General by Paul on Fri, Apr 8 2011
  • Re: Bug: Beer-lahai-roi sometimes links to Biblical Places and sometimes doesn't

    Hi Graham The same result to yours with Gen 25:11 and 16:14 seems to arise with the NKJV, NRSV and NASB(1995). I notice that in each case the spelling is essentially the same so this is quite surprising. Gen 24:62 which also has a reference to this location and acts similarly to Gen 25:11 in showing 'place' when you right click on the location. As my
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Paul on Mon, Mar 28 2011
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