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  • Can I place links within note text on Mobile 8?

    Hi, I'm new to the Forums and apologize if this question has already been addressed. I just moved up to 8. Prior to 8, one was able to place a link within the text of a note and there doesn't seem to be a way to do this in 8. I see how one can add anchors, but to use these to go to the verse or to simply view it, you have to enter note edit mode. Am
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Craig Park on Thu, May 16 2019
  • Re: Android app not worth using

    My highlights and notes have stopped loading when I open my Logos app on my Fire unless I go on line. I tried reloading the app with no success and then loaded the normal Android version and it has the same problem. The version on my phone (6.0.7) works fine. Both of the later versions I've tried (6.1.1) have the problem. Is this a bug or is this a
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps by Craig Park on Sun, Mar 18 2018
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