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  • Re: Windows 10

    Have you had issues with slow down or anything? I am running the latest windows 10 build, really like the new os, however when I try and use proclaim it bogs down, won't load slides properly, and just hangs. This on a 2.3 ghz quad core machine with 12 gig of ram. Could be some tweeks I need to make, thanks. aaron
    Posted to Proclaim: Church Presentation Software by Aaron Newell on Mon, Jun 8 2015
  • Sermons in Logos

    So here's a question that may already be answered and I'll be looking but was wondering if anyone is using logos exclusively for sermon prep and presentation. Let me explain a bit... I use Logos for the study portion of all sermon prep, Proclaim for our Church Presentations have to say I love it and am really happy with the product for every aspect
    Posted to General by Aaron Newell on Mon, Aug 17 2015
  • Re: Sermons in Logos

    Thanks I thought it was possible. I am in the middle of VBS and a big push family week in our relaunch, re-brand, revitalize whatever you want to call trying to fix a church that was very sick, so I just didn't do the research like I could have. I have come to the conclusion after attempting this weeks sermon in the Notes section that it makes more
    Posted to General by Aaron Newell on Tue, Aug 18 2015
  • Re: windows8/rt logos disappointing

    I may be coming late to this thread, in fact I know I am but thought I would throw in my 2 cents. RT is really not that bad at all. I have a personal laptop and a work one. Both have logos 5 for sermon prep. I have a surface rt 64 gig great buy actually, The productivity with this as compared to my galaxy note 8 is light years difference, I have also
    Posted to Logos 5 by Aaron Newell on Thu, Apr 3 2014
  • Re: Linux version of Logos Bible Software

    So in the interest of trying something different, and because I really enjoy Elementary OS, I went ahead and installed it on my laptop at home a dell xps15 from what 2017 I then installed windows 10 in a vm and installed logos there. I have had no issues so far it is indexing the library right now. I will let you know what if any lag happens... So far
    Posted to Suggestions by Aaron Newell on Mon, Mar 11 2019
  • Re: L7 - Sermon editor reviews???

    I've started using it and have to say I love it. I was a proclaim user for a while and I'm sure it would be even more of a great thing if I still was however the ongoing subscription to proclaim as opposed to purchasing a presentation software out rite won out. Would love it if Proclaim had a non-subscription model but that is not the case. It looks
    Posted to Logos 7 by Aaron Newell on Wed, Aug 24 2016
  • Re: Sermons in Logos

    Thanks after a brief flirtation with it. I have concluded that I will continue to just use Word and import my sermons into logos once a quarter. Mostly as I'm used to Word, and as I type in the notes app keystrokes don't do the same thing that they do in Word and my fingers automatically just do those keystrokes for their given function.
    Posted to General by Aaron Newell on Tue, Aug 18 2015
  • Re: Terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day?

    Trying to finish up for Sunday...and oh look I can't log in? In Baltimore MD so it's a usa thing as well...
    Posted to General by Aaron Newell on Fri, Sep 4 2015
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