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  • Re: 终于看到中国版本啦

    我希望有英中字典, 例如牛津或朗文等, 那即使要閱讀英文資料也方便得多了。謝謝!
    Posted to 中文 (Chinese) by Ryan Tam on Thu, May 21 2015
  • Re: English-Chinese Dictionary

    Thank you very much. I hope to see these soon. Google translate works, but if I can check the chinese meaning by just a double-click, it would be nice.
    Posted to General by Ryan Tam on Fri, Nov 15 2013
  • English-Chinese Dictionary

    Since a lot of book contents in Logos are English, and if logos provide English-Chinese Dictionary, it would be a great help for the Chinese as me. Is it possible? Or any other method can do that?
    Posted to General by Ryan Tam on Mon, Nov 11 2013
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