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  • Latest update broke my Logos 5

    It generally still opens, but it will not install the new updates, instead hanging on the install screen indefinitely. I can't even uninstall Logos in order to try a fresh install. It hangs on the uninstall screen. Any ideas? I am running Windows 8.1.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Christopher Kou on Tue, Nov 19 2013
  • A fun idea for the "Order History" page

    Right now the page totals up how much you have spent on Logos products, and that's a great feature of the page. But if you frequently take advantage of the pre-pub and community pricing specials, or just monthly sales, that is not the total value of your library. I wonder if a line could be added to show the total value, and your total savings off the
    Posted to General by Christopher Kou on Fri, Nov 8 2013
  • Re: BCP Daily Office Lectionary Question

    Hmmm. That chart is potentially helpful. But seems there should be just a simple list somewhere in existence of all passages omitted. I am currently working to compile such a list but process of elimination is slow and tedious. If I found a list I could just skip that step.
    Posted to Anglican Products by Christopher Kou on Tue, Aug 20 2013
  • BCP Daily Office Lectionary Question

    Hello, I am using the BCP Daily Office Lectionary for my daily readings because it seems to be the most complete and covers the Bible in two years rather than the RCL three. However, I am trying to figure out which passages have been omitted from the daily readings so that I can supplement. Some are obvious (they are noted as skipped verses in the daily
    Posted to Anglican Products by Christopher Kou on Tue, Aug 20 2013
  • Embed Lectionary in WordPress?

    Hi, I am working on compiling a daily lectionary for my church, and hoping to use Logos system to do it. However, I want to be able to embed it into the church website on a readings page. The site is WordPress based, using the full engine on our own hosted URL. Is there any way to do this? Oh, also, I'd like to use an existing lectionary as a base and
    Posted to Logos 5 by Christopher Kou on Tue, Jul 30 2013
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