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  • Re: Logos 9 Wishlist

    I want to select a large block of text in Logos iOS that exceeds a single page in paging made. Logos iOS doesn't seem to have the highlighting selecting function that Kindle does, where selected/highlighted text can turn a page when dragged to the corner. Right now I have to make two highlights. I'm aware of the scrolling view, but that is problematic
    Posted to General by Jack King on Sat, Feb 29 2020
  • Re: Change highlighting style icon in Notes Database?

    Thanks David. I hope to see this in a future update. Seems like it's essential to the custom palette function and the Logos 8 Notes feature. Without the style icons I can't distinguish between the custom highlights of my palette.
    Posted to Logos Notes by Jack King on Mon, Mar 11 2019
  • Change highlighting style icon in Notes Database?

    Has anyone figured out how to edit the highlighting style icon in the Notes database? I have a custom palette, but every style icon is the same--gray background with a person. Logos default palettes are color coded [i.e. blue highlighter is 'A' with blue background.] I'm interested to customize the highlighting style icon because I can't tell which
    Posted to Logos Notes by Jack King on Sat, Mar 9 2019
  • Default note icon in iOS?

    Is it possible to change the default note icon in the iOS app? Not a fan of the yellow rectangle, but love the option to choose different shapes and colors. The Mac version adapts to my most recent note icon; it's very intuitive. But the same feature doesn't translate to iOS. I do most of my reading on iOS so would love for that feature to work there
    Posted to Logos Notes by Jack King on Tue, Feb 12 2019
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