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  • Thank you Logos for the changes

    After months of not using Logos, I decided to start it up again. It updated and lo and behold, the two most important problems (from my point of view) that kept me away from the program has been corrected. The first one was the fonts, I really hated the fonts, for me it was really bad in comparison to the other programs I have installed on my computer
    Posted to Logos 5 by Henry Finkle on Sat, Mar 2 2013
  • Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    [quote user="Tim Chaffey"] Jacey, As mentioned in the thread above, that can't be done with the Tab 2. It's just a terrible programming feature in an otherwise great tablet. Unfortunately, it severely limits the Logos app on that device, which really stinks since that is the main reason I bought the tablet in the first place. Tim [/quote] Unless Logos
    Posted to Android Apps by Henry Finkle on Wed, Dec 26 2012
  • Re: Faithlife Videos on Win7

    I installed logos on a new PC today that has a clean Windows 7 and I transfered all the files according to the quick installation wiki method 1. I can open all my books but It seems like I have a problem with video playback. I am not able to view the faithlife videos. I get the exact same message for the video playback as the one from the OP. It's not
    Posted to Logos 4 by Henry Finkle on Sun, Oct 28 2012
  • Re: Storage on external SD card

    This is something I have also been wondering about. I don't always have a wifi connection where I am and really want to have most of my resources with me offline, but my internal storage is too small. I bought a 32gb micro sd to expand the storage but noticed that I can't use it for logos resources. I hope we can have the option soon to be able to put
    Posted to Android Apps by Henry Finkle on Mon, Oct 8 2012
  • Logos App preparing library constantly

    I'm having a problem with the Logos App for months now. I've tried practically all the possible solutions that I could find on this forum but nothing seems to work. I think the app was working before I ever upgraded to v2. The problem is that I can't see any of my books anymore. I've uninstalled and reinstalled so many times already that I can't keep
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Henry Finkle on Mon, Jul 16 2012
  • Re: Resource Updates

    I would also like to know if anybody is noticing that their storage space is dropping drastically after every large resources update. When there are only a few updates, I normally don't notice any changes in storage space, but that could be because the files are too small to notice anything. But when I have quite some updates (50 for example) then I
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Henry Finkle on Thu, Feb 9 2012
  • Re: Can't download NLT or ESV

    Same problem here. I've installed the logos app and all my non-bible books have a download button, but the bibles don't have any. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it then I was able to download the bibles. Ran a quick test by deleting the app again and reinstalling, and the download button disappeared again for the bibles. Manual reinstallation
    Posted to Android Apps by Henry Finkle on Sun, Nov 27 2011
  • Re: iPad logos book updates and losing space

    I've just re-confirmed this problem over the weekend. I've noted my storage space left on my iPad and deleted the complete logos app. Downloaded the app again with all the offline resources that I had. I've regained quite some storage space after doing this process. So I think the resource updates are not clearing the old ones. Until this bug gets fixed
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Henry Finkle on Mon, Oct 31 2011
  • iPad logos book updates and losing space

    I've noticed that my space keeps going down everytime I download updated books. If you only have a few books downloaded for offline you might not be able to see the difference. I've downloaded about 500 books for offline use and noticed my space going down by a great deal everytime when there are a lot of updates available for download. I have a feeling
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Henry Finkle on Fri, Oct 28 2011
  • Re: how to group books to minimize them

    [quote user="alabama24"] Sam - In addition to what Dave wrote, have you considered the "collections" feature? You can read more in the wiki: [/quote] The collections feature is useful but it can't be used in the library. I've added this to uservoice a while ago but don't know if this will get impemented. Right now,
    Posted to General by Henry Finkle on Tue, Oct 18 2011
  • Re: fonts

    Thanks Graham. I'll try to make the fonts a bit larger. But I actually wanted to change the font from a serif to sans.
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Henry Finkle on Tue, Jul 12 2011
  • fonts

    A quick question. Is there a way to change fonts on the iPad Logos app?
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Henry Finkle on Tue, Jul 12 2011
  • My Tags

    I've got a question here regarding "my tags". If I have a group of resources tagged with multiple descriptions (tags), is there a way to delete a certain description from a group without clearing all the other tags that I've created??? Example: I've got about 30 resources tagged with: biblical studies, academic, hebrew texts. (3 tags total) Suppose
    Posted to Logos 4 by Henry Finkle on Fri, Jan 28 2011
  • zoom

    Is there a way to zoom in on maps or illustrations? I find that the maps in the Holman Bible Atlas or the illustrations in the ESV Study Bible are too small to be of any use. I can't read it clearly, even on the iPad.
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Henry Finkle on Tue, Dec 14 2010
  • resources contents lookup

    I've noticed that on some resources with large contents/indexes, that you can't see all of them. For example, I've downloaded the isbe for offline use, but I can't lookup everything while being offline. If I click on contents and the letter A for example, I can't scroll the whole index. It stops at a certain point. I can't seem to be able to find anything
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Henry Finkle on Tue, Nov 16 2010
  • Re: Complete Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture to be released in August

    From reading all these posts I can really understand the problem we are facing here. But I think this collection was meant to be released on disc only by IVP. By providing a download version for L4, Logos is probably targeting those customers who aren't using L3. To me it looks more like Logos is providing an alternative option for their L4 only user
    Posted to General by Henry Finkle on Mon, Oct 4 2010
  • Re: Suggestion - Identify Current Layout Name

    I've put this request on uservoice a while ago. Don't know when this will get impemented. Here's the link to the uservoice suggestion:
    Posted to Logos 4 by Henry Finkle on Mon, Jul 26 2010
  • delete multiple tags

    Is there a way to delete a user tag on multiple resources without clearing everything? I have created multiple tags for some resources. (e.g. 1 resource has 3 tags). Or better let me give an example. I've created separate tags for expositor's bible commentary: Expositor's Bible Commentary / EBC Now I want to get rid of the tags: EBC on those resources
    Posted to Logos 4 by Henry Finkle on Fri, Jun 11 2010
  • Re: Updated to 4.0c WHERE is the legacy-reverse-interlinear?

    Sorry I'm late on the discussion over here, but I had to use "update resources" to get all my interlinears in L4. "update now" didn't find anything new. I didn't receive all of them automatically during the update. I wonder why L4 sometimes misses the updates? This has happened to me a few times already, where I wasn't notified of any updates unless
    Posted to Logos 4 by Henry Finkle on Sat, May 15 2010
  • Re: What Spanish Bible has Interlinear Support

    Thanks for the reply Richard. I spoke too soon. The updates were still busy downloading when I posted my question.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Henry Finkle on Fri, May 14 2010
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