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  • Re: Missing Info Button

    Awesome. Thanks for the clarification - and the improvement!
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Ryan Tonneson on Wed, Sep 18 2019
  • Re: Missing Info Button

    Woah. This was deliberate? Making it harder to use the app? It was one fo the handiest, easiest to your features in the mobile app - great for looking words up on the fly (such as during a ongoing Bible study). Where did it go? It's not in the menu option. Huge, huge step backwards.
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Ryan Tonneson on Tue, Sep 17 2019
  • Logos keeps asking for my password

    I use Logos (version 4.4.7 (Build 348)) on both my Android tablet (a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, running 4.4.2) and my Android phone (Samsung S4, also running 4.4.2). On both of my devices, Logos asks me - almost every day or two - to log back in to use the app. Some apps should do this - banking, financial, shopping - but my Bible app should not. After
    Posted to Android Apps by Ryan Tonneson on Thu, Mar 19 2015
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