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  • Re: Requesting new feature

    That's a good idea but sometimes i see things online. Can you clip things from online sources? What i imagine is that i'm preaching on a subject such as witnessing and i pull up the topic guide and search witnessing and up pops my Illustrations & stories for witnessing.
    Posted to Logos 8 by John Schmidt on Wed, Oct 30 2019
  • Requesting new feature

    I wasn't sure where to request new features but i was wondering if you could include an Illustration document creator similar to the sermon document creator. As a pastor from time to time i encounter some good illustrations and it would be nice to record them for later use.
    Posted to Logos 8 by John Schmidt on Wed, Oct 30 2019
  • apple pencil integration

    I was studying on my iPad pro tonight and it hit me. Could you integrate text highlighting through the apple pencil. This could be turned off and on of course but think about how cool it would be to sit back with an iPad and apple pencil and highlight through your bible and study material.
    Posted to Suggestions by John Schmidt on Sat, Jun 10 2017
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