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  • Re: Request: Hugh Ross

    I agree with Tony.
    Posted to Suggestions by Earl Tipton on Fri, Aug 16 2019
  • Re: Dear Bob and Logos Staff:

    Well said Cynthia. I too am getting far more functionality out of the search feature, for the same reasons you listed. Two more thumbs up.
    Posted to General by Earl Tipton on Mon, Jul 15 2019
  • Re: Speeding up Logos

    David, my experience with Logos 7 and 8 is that the HDD is the single most important influence on response time. A year ago I updated a desktop machine and obtained fantastic results. In that case, motherboard and memory were upgraded, in addition to the installation of an SSD. Two weeks ago I upgraded my laptop's drive from a 1TB HDD to a 1TB SSD.
    Posted to Logos 8 by Earl Tipton on Tue, Jan 8 2019
  • Re: Typing in the Go box hangs up

    Bob, I experience the same delay you describe. The delay is most noticeable when using the passage guide in Logos 8 - when I enter a reference it may take 45 seconds or longer before results begin to populate the screen. I strongly suspect the culprit is the HDD on my two year old laptop. Eighteen months ago I upgraded my desktop to a SSD and the delays
    Posted to Logos 8 by Earl Tipton on Sat, Dec 8 2018
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