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  • Data usage spike

    Now that Verizon doesn't offer unlimited data I am very cognizant of my data usage. I had a 237 megabyte spike in my data when I opened my Logos app the other day. I wonder if logos would add a new sort option in the library that includes "downloaded" items or "favorite books" so I can get to my frequently used books quickly and also avoid large data
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Kyle Hite on Thu, Sep 27 2012
  • Re: Concerned Investment

    As another long time person with Logos (early 90's) I have often wondered what it means to buy resources electronically rather than print. Will they be continually updated into newer formats and available to us throughout our ministry? I liked the move Logos made in 2009 to keep a central database of our licenses. That saved me from continually backing
    Posted to General by Kyle Hite on Tue, Aug 2 2011
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