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  • Optimum Desktop for Logos 8

    Soon purchasing a new desk top computer. What are the best options. Have memory now of 6, would something like 12 or 16 help? What would forum members recommend for processor. Is Windows 10 okay? Please advise? Don
    Posted to by Don Macfarlane on Wed, Jul 31 2019
  • Why is Logos always updating and indexing

    Almost every time I start up logos it insists on indexing or installing more material that I do not want. This all takes time and uses up my valuable time. Is there a way to stop this nonsense and let me get to work using the system. I am almost at the point of uninstalling Logos and going to a more user friendly software. I am using the Platinuim series
    Posted to General by Don Macfarlane on Mon, Apr 2 2018
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