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  • Re: Post your desired enhancements here

    Please accept my apologies if I'm not posting this correctly. I am using my android tablet all the time now that Logos has included the ability to copy and paste material into my notes. One of the things that would be very helpful would be the option to copy verses to the clipboard that include header information such as the "Share" option. As "copy
    Posted to Android Apps by Raif on Fri, Sep 28 2012
  • Re: Android Release Date

    I echo your question, Ben. Anyone interested in supplying the answer?
    Posted to Logos Blog by Raif on Tue, Jun 21 2011
  • Re: Android Alpha 4

    Just purchased a tablet (Xoom) & looking forward to the Android app as well. Would also be interested in beta testing. - Raif
    Posted to General by Raif on Sun, Jun 5 2011
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