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  • Re: Problems with NSBT Resources

    Rick, I was able to open an NSBT resource on my Kindle Fire HD. I have only bought one book in the series thus far (Father, Son and Spirit: The Trinity and John's Gospel) so I can't confirm whether others would open or not, but that one does.
    Posted to Android Apps by Dave Palmer on Sat, Jul 30 2016
  • Price Match for Kingdom Revolution

    Kingdom Revolution by Joseph Mattera appears to be on sale at other vendors and I was wondering if we could get a price match on Vyrso? Thanks! (
    Posted to Vyrso: Christian Ebooks by Dave Palmer on Wed, Jul 13 2016
  • Re: Ouch ... a touch too expensive!

    [quote user="Yasmin Stephen"] [quote user="MJ. Smith"] [quote user="James Hiddle"]. Is that due to the import fee/tax?[/quote] No, it is standard Brill pricing. [/quote] Brill? F aithlife t-shirt and Logos stickers? Wrong thread, maybe? [/quote] A Brill t-shirt perhaps?
    Posted to General by Dave Palmer on Tue, Jun 28 2016
  • Re: Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary on sale

    [quote user="Ruben Sandoval"] Wow...kinda bummed, but kinda not at the same time. I recently snagged these resources for $4.99 a piece (some may have been $3.99) from Amazon. Sure, they are not in Logos, but hey...what can you do, right?!? [/quote] Bummed is right. If I would have known they would be on sale in Logos for this cheap I would have waited
    Posted to General by Dave Palmer on Wed, May 18 2016
  • Re: NJB STUDY BIBLE needs a PUSH!

    [quote user="Robert M. Warren"] Talked me into it. [/quote] Same here.
    Posted to General by Dave Palmer on Fri, Apr 29 2016
  • Re: NICOT/NICNT Bundle Sale [Accordance Bible]

    That's a sale that I would jump on if it was ever offered by Logos. Historically has there ever been a similar NICOT/NICNT sale or is this unprecedented?
    Posted to General by Dave Palmer on Thu, Feb 11 2016
  • Re: Where's Zondervan Logos Coupon for 50% off

    [quote user="Alan"] I also noticed that the Basics of Biblical Greek (3 Vols) was not discounted. It is on sale on the other software sites mentioned by Zondervan, so I think it is part of the sale. I wonder if that can be checked on. [/quote] I have a similar question about Mounce's Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words which appears
    Posted to General by Dave Palmer on Mon, Dec 7 2015
  • Re: UBS5 Apparatus Coming Soon?

    If you already own the NA28 apparatus is there a compelling reason to purchase the UBS5 apparatus? I'm just wondering if there is enough of a difference in the content or format to warrant the purchase?
    Posted to General by Dave Palmer on Thu, Oct 22 2015
  • Re: Free Book O' The Month - Yes, It's Time

    Thank you Faithlife! I always look forward to what the 1st of the month will bring.
    Posted to General by Dave Palmer on Thu, Oct 1 2015
  • Re: Seeking Recommendation for Resource Explaining How Original Manuscripts were Accurately Copied

    You might also consider F.F. Bruce's book "The Canon of Scripture".
    Posted to General by Dave Palmer on Wed, Aug 12 2015
  • Error while indexing

    Hello, I bought Logos Starter Base package this past Sunday. However, whenever Logos tries to index the resources I get an error. I've tried restarting Logos, tried issuing the command line Rebuild Index but always to the same result. I've seen it error out as soon as 3% complete and as much as 58% complete. The description in the exception window is
    Posted to Logos 5 by Dave Palmer on Wed, Jan 29 2014
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