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  • Mobile Ed: TH341 Perspectives on Eschatology: Five Views on the Millennium douglas moo olivet discourse question?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I really need help understanding Douglas Moos perspective on the olivet discourse. He almost sounds like he believes double prophecy or that Matthew 24 is both preterist and futurist. That is whats confusing to me is that he says it refers to Titus in 70ad and that its also prophesying the tribulation
    Posted to General by Landon Brake on Mon, Jun 26 2017
  • A theological question on marriage, Divorce and the unity of two flesh

    Hey Everyone, So Ive been really reading on marriage and divorce and there is a question I cannot find an answer to or comprehend. I was wondering if anyone would have any input on this question. So first the question is Can God forgive and break the unity between one flesh outside of death. So to elaborate that question we see that God says in Mark
    Posted to General by Landon Brake on Wed, Jul 19 2017
  • Re: Bibliotheca Sacra Volume 165, Jan-Mar., 2008 - Great article on Clouds

    just curious but for someone just now getting into journals and all the outlets whats a good starting area for journals? I know it probably depends on what your beliefs more or so but whats a not to expensive good collection of journals to start with. Hope that makes sense.
    Posted to General by Landon Brake on Mon, Mar 18 2019
  • Re: Commentary videos?

    I have a lot of mobile Ed courses but I agree with James I think in his case even though they pull the books and the areas to read it will not be what hes looking for or find it to much. Its hard because to be honest most of everything is reading but I know hes specifically wanting commentary on a book through a video. The hard part with sermons is
    Posted to General by Landon Brake on Mon, Nov 5 2018
  • where to start with greek/hebrew?

    Hey everyone, So me and my wife have been watching some debates with James white and others, I have done some logos mobile ed courses and I know they heavily emphasize knowing the Greek and Hebrew in the sense of better understanding the meaning and word. Well me and my wife are just layman and have no seminary schooling. Where is a good place to start
    Posted to General by Landon Brake on Mon, Oct 22 2018
  • Re: NT221 Resource Problem

    Okay that makes a lot of sense especially for the type of dictionary it is. A little bit of a bummer but I understand. Thanks for replying back.
    Posted to Logos Mobile Education by Landon Brake on Tue, Jun 2 2020
  • Two Exoduses

    I'm currently doing The Sermon on the Mount Mobile Ed by Jonathan T. Pennington. Anyway he makes this statement, " NARRATIVE—Founding of the Church (Matt 14–17) That leads into chapters 14–17, where Jesus performs two exoduses—water crossings and wilderness feedings—one for Jewish people, one for Gentile people. I wish
    Posted to General by Landon Brake on Mon, Jul 20 2020
  • Re: Two Exoduses

    Awesome I will read that as soon as I can. Thank you!
    Posted to General by Landon Brake on Mon, Jul 20 2020
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