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  • Re: dilemma w/ limited funds: Monographs or Primary texts

    [quote user="Unix"]And I don't think a Bible-only approach is the right one.[/quote] The Bible-only approach should be the right one. Charles Spurgeon: Oh, that you and I might get into the very heart of the Word of God, and get that Word into ourselves! As I have seen the silkworm eat into the leaf, and consume it, so ought we to do with the Word of
    Posted to General by Kent on Tue, Apr 22 2014
  • Re: Trying to optimize Nook HD. 99% full Internal Storage

    It would make more sense to me just to increase your memory. I have a Nook HD that came with 28 GB. I bought a 32GB MicroSD. Patriot Memory PSF32GMCSDHC43P 32 GB MicroSD High Capacity (microSDHC) - 1 Card $24.95 Online Price I have Logos Diamond, Reformed Silver, and over 500 other resources and have no problem with memory.
    Posted to Android Apps by Kent on Tue, Apr 22 2014
  • Re: Tender little feelings hurt?

    [quote user="Joseph Turner"]You know, this actually has me thinking. What happens when Noet gets its own store[/quote] I would like to see Noet also get it's own software engine so I don't have to combine the Logos and Noet into one. I may be putting Descartes before the horse but maybe a separate one for classic literature also.
    Posted to General by Kent on Tue, Apr 22 2014

    DAL you should start demanding a commission.
    Posted to General by Kent on Mon, Apr 21 2014
  • Re: Upgrade following update to v.5

    [quote user="Richard DeRuiter"]In my experience, it's helpful to simply ignore what you would get that you're not interested in and focus on what you want. If the package is still a good deal, go for it. Then just ignore what you're not interested in. Example: If I want a suit, but the best deal includes a pair of pink polka-dot dress socks and bunny
    Posted to Logos 5 by Kent on Sun, Apr 20 2014
  • My students don't know what carbon paper is.

    I heard a professor make this statement right after he said "paper books will likely be obsolete in 50 years." It got me thinking he was probably right. The Logos community is both scholastic and digitally minded and while books may disappear in 50 years will bibles? Many preachers are already using digital bibles in the pulpit and those in the congregation
    Posted to General by Kent on Wed, Apr 16 2014
  • Re: Who's the Kid on the Cover of Bible Study Magazine?

    [quote user="David Paul"] Ann Who? [/quote] Ann Voskamp Her videos are on youtube
    Posted to General by Kent on Wed, Apr 16 2014
  • Re: Preparing your library, this may take awhile...

    I stand before the microwave and shout HURRY UP!
    Posted to Logos 5 by Kent on Wed, Apr 16 2014
  • Re: Which Base Package appeals to you?

    [quote user="Donnie Hale"] I'm going to get the Reformed Platinum base package, but I'm going to wait for L6 to come out later this year to make sure I can get the release as soon as it comes out. Donnie [/quote] Is this going to happen???
    Posted to General by Kent on Fri, Apr 11 2014
  • Re: Theistic Evolutuonists

    Theological Problems with Theistic Evolution
    Posted to General by Kent on Mon, Apr 7 2014
  • Re: Searching an head word in bold letters in a personal book

    [quote user="Hojune"] Hi, all! I bought The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible (5 Vols.) from Amazon, which is on sale, and assimilated in into the Logos program on my PC. Is there any way for me to search its headword in bold letters? ( for example, bold : Maaseiah) [/quote] try the rule- Largetext: subject
    Posted to General by Kent on Mon, Apr 7 2014
  • Re: Is this bundle in any base package?

    [quote user="Milford Charles Murray"] [quote user="Super.Tramp"] Good question. It should be in an Orthodox package but we don't have one yet. At one point this went by the Conciliar name . I had this on my wish list but somehow it fell off my radar. [/quote] Peace, Matthew! Thank you for continuing to participate in these forums with all of the zest
    Posted to General by Kent on Fri, Apr 4 2014
  • Re: Google vs Logos

    [quote user="jmcbade"]My point is again, Logos is less intuitive than it should be for the cost.[/quote] I agree with the above statement. However, the value of a product is in the way you use it. You cannot do in depth research with Google.
    Posted to General by Kent on Fri, Apr 4 2014
  • Re: Meaning-less Reviews

    [quote user="Glenn Airoldi"] I'd like to encourage everyone to help us help others. Offer up a thoughtful review of your own for resources that you have strong feelings for or insights on. We'll only win this one with full community engagement. The simple star ratings, while less meaningful, at least offer some direction in the absence of any. [/quote
    Posted to by Kent on Tue, Apr 1 2014
  • Re: TWOT Review needed

    [quote user="David Paul"] I would expect publishers to want digital versions to be correct(ed) even though the paper version is not. I don't know what your policy is in this regard, but I certainly would prefer it to be fixed.[/quote] Everyone would like it fixed. However, the Logos/Moody relationship (whatever it is) might prove problematic. Logos
    Posted to Suggestions by Kent on Tue, Apr 1 2014
  • Re: A good look at Covenant theology etc.

    [quote user="Rosie Perera"]I would like to see Logos publish The Water That Divides: Two Views on Baptism Explored by Donald Bridge and David Phypers (IVP, 1977; Christian Focus reprint, 2008 ). Co-written by a credo-baptist and a paedo-baptist who respect each other but hold differing positions, this book is an excellent look at the arguments for and
    Posted to Reformed Products by Kent on Sat, Mar 29 2014
  • Re: New Idea for a Base Package!

    [quote user="David Paul"]So then, things I don't want to have in a base package are devotionals, ministerial resources, preaching resources, "in-house" creedal statements, "church" history after 200-300CE, missiology, church vs. world diatribes, ecumenicalism, evangelistic how-tos, hymnology, biographies, and I 'm sure I'm leaving out other stuff besides
    Posted to Suggestions by Kent on Fri, Mar 28 2014
  • Re: Humor

    Search function?
    Posted to General by Kent on Fri, Mar 28 2014
  • Re: Printing Library Titles
    Posted to General by Kent on Mon, Mar 17 2014
  • New Computer- Alienware

    Looking for a new laptop and I think this will run Logos well.
    Posted to General by Kent on Wed, Mar 12 2014
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