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  • Re: Kindle Bücher einbinden

    Jein. Es gibt die Möglichkeit Bücher aus anderen Quellen in Logos "Personal Books" einzubinden, siehe Personal Books benötigen eine Word (docx) Datei als Quelle (die mit den entprechenden Milestones versehen sein muss, wenn erweiterte Logos-Funktionen verwendet werden sollen - siehe den Link oben
    Posted to Deutsch by Bernhard on Fri, Sep 14 2018
  • Re: Please enable the independent choice of languages for various features in Logos.

    Yes, please!
    Posted to Suggestions by Bernhard on Sun, Sep 9 2018
  • Re: Publishing a Bible

    [quote user="JT (alabama24)"] [quote user="DAL"]Personal Book Builder[/quote] I think this may have been what FL was suggesting. [/quote] To explain this a bit more: Personal Books are a way to bring Bibles and other works into Logos that you have either created yourself or are otherwise not available in Logos (especially for older works with no copyright
    Posted to General by Bernhard on Fri, Aug 10 2018
  • Re: Marking a passages on a passage list with a special color

    You can make a visual filter with a search like {Milestone <Matthew 1:23>} OR {Milestone <Matthew 2:6>} OR ...... A visual filter like that is rather slow and obviously quite a bit of work to set up, if you have many references. I have done it before by exporting a passage list, then using some Search&Replace functions in Word and/or
    Posted to General by Bernhard on Thu, Aug 9 2018
  • Re: Video Tutorial: How to Send to Kindle after the "Send to Kindle" service is switched off

    [quote user="Nathan Parker"] Are there any advantages to Mark's method versus exporting to PDF instead? [/quote] The text is reflowable, therefore much better suited for a small e-reader screen.
    Posted to Logos 6 by Bernhard on Thu, Jul 19 2018
  • Re: Making the same note appear against several different verses

    Yes, you can easily do that. See here: (link should open the appropriate place in the Logos Help file on your computer)
    Posted to General by Bernhard on Wed, Jul 18 2018
  • Re: Darstellung in gedruckter Fassung

    Hmm - obwohl ich den Wunsch absolut verstehe und das insbesondere für Leute mit visuellem Lernstil sehr hilfreich wäre, würde das doch komplett gegen das Prinzip von e-books gehen. Bei Kindle-Büchern geht so etwas ja auch nicht. Ein großes Problem wären die verschiedenen Bildschirmgrößen , insbesondere wenn
    Posted to Deutsch by Bernhard on Fri, Jun 22 2018
  • Re: older books

    For those Public Domain books that only very few people are interested in and/or that never make it through CP, don't forget about the possiblity to import them as personal books (sadly for Desktop only), at least until official versions are available. For example, there are a lot of public domain works available for e-Sword on
    Posted to General by Bernhard on Mon, Jun 18 2018
  • Re: Ein deutsches Angebot an alle BibleWorks-Besitzer

    [quote user="Ben Misja (Faithlife)"]Textbibel: Momentan ist es eher unwahrscheinlich, dass wir weitere gemeinfreie Übersetzungen produzieren, es sei denn, es besteht große Nachfrage. Die nächsten gemeinfreien, die ich auf dem Schirm habe, sind die Zunz-Bibel und vielleicht das Schlatter-NT - und natürlich eine Neufassung der Luther
    Posted to Deutsch by Bernhard on Sat, Jun 16 2018
  • Persönliches Buch: Textbibel des Alten und Neuen Testamens (KAUTZSCH/WEIZSÄCKER)

    Aufgrund der Diskussion hier habe ich aus dem Zefania-Modul hier eine Logos-Version gebaut (mit diesem Konverter ). Mehr Info zur Textbibel hier und hier (mit Titelbild für das PB). 3223.SF_2009-04-06_GER_TB_(TEXTBIBEL).docx
    Posted to Deutsch by Bernhard on Sat, Jun 16 2018
  • NeÜ - Vers-Picker unter iOS falsche Reihenfolge der Bücher

    Moin! Ein kleines Problemchen: In der Logos iOS app (Version erscheinen die biblischen Bücher im AT für die Neue evangelistische Übersetzung im Verspicker z.T. in der falschen Reihefolge. Haben andere das Problem auch? Die Offline-Kopie der Bibel zu löschen hat nichts geholfen. Außerdem habe ich die iOS Sprache
    Posted to Deutsch by Bernhard on Wed, Jun 13 2018
  • Re: notes

    [quote user="Mark"]So the new, better note system will not allow you to see your notes on an android phone? How is that better?[/quote] As Graham said, it is still in Beta. They are planning to bring it to every platform used, including Android.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Bernhard on Mon, Jun 11 2018
  • Re: Help, anyone who owned the WJE

    See here:
    Posted to General by Bernhard on Wed, Jun 6 2018
  • Re: Inserting verses in a second language...

    [quote user="Adam Borries (Faithlife)"]This design makes it customer friendly for the vast majority of our users, but your comments have sparked a discussion on whether we should consider developing an alternate way of displaying verse references for bi-lingual cases. Thanks.[/quote] Yes, please! Judging from many of the forum discussions here, I think
    Posted to Logos 7 by Bernhard on Fri, May 25 2018
  • Re: Persönliche Bücher in Assistenten einbinden

    [quote user="Sven"]damit ist der Fehler diese Milestones. Wenn ich das Werk manuell suche und öffne werden mir die Verse via mouseover problemlos angezeigt - gibt es eine Anleitung für die korrekte Vorbereitung der Dokumente?[/quote] Logos erkennt eben, dass es Bibelstellen sind, aber ohne die manuelle Einfügung der Milestones weiß
    Posted to Deutsch by Bernhard on Sun, May 6 2018
  • Re: BUG: Can't edit uploaded PBB

    Closing all panels doesn't help with this error. You have to close and restart Logos. I get that error a lot and restarting always helps.
    Posted to Logos 7 by Bernhard on Sat, Apr 14 2018
  • Re: Old version of Logos App for iOS 9

    [quote user="Matt Haywood"] Does anyone have an older version of the Logos App that will work on iOS 9? [/quote] I am not sure, if that answers the question in this thread, but if you are not able to purchase an iOS app because your device is running an old version of iOS, you can purchase the app first on a different, newer device. This could be a
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps by Bernhard on Sat, Apr 7 2018
  • Re: BUG: Verse Links in Sermons Not Clickable (Desktop, OSX)

    It's the same in the note editor, I think. The idea is probably the same as in Microsoft Word, where you also have to use Ctrl-click to open links. There, I would think, the reason is to prevent you from accidentally opening links, when you are just trying to edit the text.
    Posted to Logos 7 by Bernhard on Thu, Apr 5 2018
  • Re: Personal Books

    If you are willing to upload one of the books you are trying to import (and you either own the rights or the book is in the Public Domain), why don't you do that? We might be able to help or at least point you in the right way. Compared to other Bible programs I have tried, import of books in Logos is actually quite easy. As was said, you can import
    Posted to Logos 7 by Bernhard on Wed, Mar 7 2018
  • Re: Bug 7.14 Beta 1 - Theological Headword phrase not found in Heading Text, Large Text search

    [quote user="Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :)"]Another thought is exposing Headword indexing as a text search field[/quote] Yes, please!
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Bernhard on Mon, Mar 5 2018
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