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  • Re: Logos Training Webinars - Will they be back?

    Actually it is fully dark at 6pm here now in Sheffield - it is usually a bit later before we usually hear them calling though!! I have just realized that the webinar is at 10am PT. I was thinking that it was at 01.00 am UK time for some reason so it will just mean a late tea to be able to catch it at 6pm. Just registered.
    Posted to General by Isobel Bunting on Wed, Feb 11 2015
  • "How long will we be waiting" message on phone sales

    Is there any reason why we are not told how long we can expect to be waiting in the queue when we phone sales?? Or alternatively how many people are in front of us?? If it is the latter we can make our own guesses after 2 or 3 mins and we see how many it has gone down by. This seems to be standard with many bodies in the UK now. At the moment it could
    Posted to General by Isobel Bunting on Tue, Oct 28 2014
  • Re: Free Vyrso Books - Sept. 25th

    Thanks for this and ALL the others.
    Posted to General by Isobel Bunting on Thu, Sep 25 2014
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