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  • Download needed

    I am trying to locate a copy of the "LogosMac1.2.2.dmg" file so that I can install it on a new mac. Can anyone assist me with this? Logos no longer hosts it on their site.
    Posted to Libronix (including Logos for Mac 1) by Michael Whitworth on Fri, Mar 23 2012
  • Luther Commentary on Galatians

    I already own Luther's comm on Galatians, the Crossway Classics version in Logos. Is there any substantive difference between this one and the one published by Logos/offered today as part of the Twitter daily deal?
    Posted to General by Michael Whitworth on Mon, Oct 17 2011
  • Genesis Rabbah

    I am looking for Genesis Rabbah in Logos. If it exists already, I must have missed it. Can anyone help me out? If it isn't available in Logos, what translation exists that is considered the "go-to" edition? Neusner?
    Posted to General by Michael Whitworth on Wed, Oct 5 2011
  • Ancient Christian Commentaries

    I saw Ancient Christian Commentaries available on Logos a few months ago; I bookmarked the page and came back recently to purchase them, only to discover that they had disappeared from Logos' website. Does anyone know if they are still available for purchase, and if so, how?
    Posted to General by Michael Whitworth on Fri, Sep 30 2011
  • Atrahasis, Enuma Elish

    Hi, I'm in the middle of studying Gen. 1-2 and wondered what the most economical way was to get Atrahasis Epic and the Enuma Elish into my Logos library for cross referencing. An English translation would be necessary. Anyone have any thoughts of what resource I might look into? Thanks
    Posted to General by Michael Whitworth on Fri, Sep 23 2011
  • Re: Meet and Greet (plus sale)

    Questions Name: Michael Whitworth Where you call home (general or specific): Houston, TX Occupation: Preaching Minister Age: 26 How long you've been using Logos Bible Software: 6 years Your most-used Logos resource (other than the Bible): IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament Your #1 use for Logos: Preparing sermons and Bible study lessons
    Posted to General by Michael Whitworth on Fri, Jun 17 2011
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