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  • Re: PBB Lectionary question

    Fantastic! Thank you! Are there other milestones that don't appear in the PBB wiki?
    Posted to General by Nick Highland on Tue, Nov 4 2014
  • PBB Lectionary question

    Is it possible to insert milestones according to Lectionary year and reading rather than date? For example, "Year A, Proper 27" rather than "November 9, 2014"? If so, what is the format of the milestone and what is the best technique? Further, is there a way to then add milestones for first, second and gospel readings? Thanks!
    Posted to General by Nick Highland on Tue, Nov 4 2014
  • Re: The future of 5.3

    Is there a way to contact individuals on this forum? If Bob is serious about selling, I might be interested in purchasing... I know this isn't the place to do it, so I don't plan to attempt to navigate that here... Just curious if there is a way to contact him.
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Nick Highland on Sat, Nov 1 2014
  • Re: Is there any other way to sync licenses

    I'm in the same boat as Ronald and many others.
    Posted to Libronix (including Logos for Mac 1) by Nick Highland on Thu, Aug 14 2014
  • Re: Logos 2 upgrade?

    Ah, yes - I should have known the Libronix thing. I never used the Libronix software until I started trying to figure out this situation. I received the Logos 2 commentary disk, and I have actually already tried the steps with Logos 3/Libronix, but I am having the same problem many other people are having with syncing. It won't synchronize. I guess
    Posted to Logos 5 by Nick Highland on Thu, Aug 14 2014
  • Logos 2 upgrade?

    edited the post and accidentally deleted it. Summary: trying to upgrade old Logos 2 CD to Logos 5. I was given the disk.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Nick Highland on Thu, Aug 14 2014
  • Milestone Shortcuts requested

    Hello, I have a commentary on CD, and I'm importing it into Logos 5. I'm new to personal books, and I'm looking for a way to add milestones without having to track down every scripture reference in the commentary manually. Does anyone know a shortcut for finding scripture references in the word document and automatically adding the milestones? I have
    Posted to General by Nick Highland on Thu, Jul 31 2014
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